Enjoy the Beautiful Sights and Sounds of the Underwater World at Kaikyokan!

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  • The Kaikyokan is an astonishing place to enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of a variety of beautiful sea creatures. Why not venture to the southwest of Japan to explore the underwater world and create some amazing memories.



    The Kaikyokan was built in 2001 by the Nikken Sekki Company who also designed the local aquarium, Aquas. Kaikyokan has attracted a lot of attention compared to its peers, essentially because of its spectacular tank design which is a replication of the Kanmon Straits tides with its strong whirlpools. As Aquas is based in the form of a shark, Kaikyokan is based in the form of a whale.

    Underwater Tunnel


    The Kaikyokan is a grand design with 75 fish tanks, four floors, and an underwater tunnel. It is the home of about 550 species of sea creatures and renowned for its vast collection of over 100 types of puffer fish. The aquarium is rich with many different species of fish, mammals, dolphins, penguins, and even the hair seal.

    Shows and Events


    The aquarium is open every day with shows running all year round to make every visit a memorable one. You will also see adorable penguins that swim by occasionally, as well as visit the nature research and education facilities set which is great for the whole family.

    One show, in particular, that is outstanding is the one which features the dolphin and the hair seal performing tricks with their trainer. There are also exhibitions which display the full skeleton of the blue whale, as well as a penguin village which has been designated as a special protection area; an important breeding ground outside the normal habitat.

    Visitors can also take their experience to another level where they can even touch the sea creatures. However, bookings in advance are required and are limited to one activity per person on a first come first serve basis along with an admission fee of 2000 yen.

    A day at the Kaikyokan is definitely not one that is short of enthusiasm and excitement. So, if you enjoy aquariums and are traveling to the Yamaguchi region, be sure to pop in and pay the sea creatures a lovely visit!

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    Kaikyokan Website


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