Experience the Life of the Edo-Era Japanese at Fukagawa Edo Museum!

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  • If you want to go back in the old time of Edo, you’ll probably be directed into the fancy and well-publicized Edo-Tokyo Museum. But do you know that a small yet charming museum called Fukagawa Edo Museum which provides exhibits on the Edo era can be located in a non-touristy neighborhood? Though it’s off the beaten path, it is a great destination if you really want to get a feel of Edo life.

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    All About the Museum

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    Fukagawa Edo Museum was established in 1986 for the purpose of exhibiting things related to Edo Fukagawa. It primarily consists of exhibition spaces and an area for cultural activities. It is very easy to reach as it takes only 3 minutes up from the closest metro station. The main entrance displays an introductory exhibit to provide background on the museum. Once you go down to the lower level, you will be greeted with a little reconstructed Edo town complete with shops and homes. There are also dogs and cats going about their daily routines.

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    A Guided Tour

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    You also have the opportunity to be guided around the museum by a member of staff with adequate English skills who is very much engaging. He or she will be asking you some questions along the way while giving out interesting information. You will be learning new things such as the Edo-period style of putting away the futon in the morning. They usually have a room divider in one corner where they set it aside. You can also see some items used in everyday life including plants. One exciting feature is the lighting system which changes with the season. You can hear birds chirping and merchants calling. For more information, panels have seen set up featuring explanations about traditional events. There’s also a small theater where traditional music performances, as well as plays and lectures, are held.

    Visit this indoor recreation of the Edo era and learn the details of how common people used to live in the day time or night time.

    Fukagawa Edo Museum’s English Website

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