The 12 Tallest Ferris Wheels in Japan

  • Ferris wheel has become a status symbol for aspiring cities. The more sky-scraping a Ferris wheel is, the grander the city. It is built to modernize entertainment and be alluring to the public eye. With its observation deck or cabins, you can view everything below and beyond drawing tourists to experience what it is like to view cities from the top. For this reason, it has become a trend among competitive cities to build giant Ferris wheel for added grandeur.

    Don’t you know that Japan is home to lots of giant Ferris wheels? In fact, Japan’s gigantic Ferris wheel was once the tallest in the world. Here are the 12 tallest Ferris wheels scattered all around Japan.

    12. Shining Flower


    Shining Flower Ferris wheel may not be the tallest one in Japan but it has one of the most magnificent views. Located in Fuji Q amusement park, it gives you the most amazing view of Mt. Fuji. With the park below, there is more reason to visit the place.

    11. Amuran


    This is also called Amur Ferris Wheel. Located in Kagoshima, it is a 303 feet tall wheel with 36 transparent observatory cabins.

    10. Big O


    Being centerless, the Big O Ferris wheel is one of the most unique ferris wheels built in Japan. With a diameter of 200 ft, it is the largest centerless Ferris wheel in the world and Tokyo’s largest Ferris wheel. Another awesome attraction of the wheel is that a roller coaster passes through its center.

    9. Yumiuri Land Ferris Wheel


    The captivating view of the forest is what makes Yumiuri land astounding. During autumn, the ground is myriad of multicolors. While during spring, you are surrounded by pink Cherry Blossom trees below. The view is simply breathtaking.

    8. HEP Wheel


    If your destination is Osaka, the HEP (Hankyu Entertainment Park) Ferris wheel is standing at the top of HEP shopping center. With the city below you, it has more of a sci-fi view. At its highest point, you can see the trains coming in and out of Osaka.

    7. Technostar


    The 279 feet giant Ferris wheel was originally built with the name Techno cosmo for the Expo 85 World Fair in Ibaraki, Japan. Then it was transferred to Osaka and renamed into Technostar. Each of its 48 cabins is equipped with solar panels to power its air conditioning system. Though expoland is closed, current construction will open the amusement park and shopping complex in July 2015.
    Access *Under construction

    6. Aurora Wheel


    With a height of 295 feet and 272 feet in diameter, the Aurora wheel is a soaring Ferris wheel in Nagashima Spa land. Located inside a large amusement park in Mie-Ken near Nagoya, the highest point of Aurora Wheel will give you a stunning view of the entire amusement park, outlet mall below and the distant islands and bridges connecting them. During fine weather, the blue sky and blue waters will dazzle your eyes.

    5. Space Eye


    Space Eye is an attraction in Space World amusement park in Kitakyushu Japan. It is a 330 ft tall ferris wheel which gives you a breathtaking view of the rides below.

    4. Tempozan


    This sky-scraping giant Ferris wheel is sitting at the mouth of Osaka Bay. Its 330 feet highest point offers you a stunning view of the bay, Mount Ikoma and Kansai International Airport. I suggest you ride the Ferris wheel at night for it offers a very romantic view.

    3. Cosmo Clock 21


    The Cosmo Clock is named so because of the gigantic clock in the middle, it is actually the biggest digital clock in the world. Taking pictures of it is one of must-do’s when you are in Yokohama. The Ferris wheel lights up in every 15 minutes each time lasting for 5 minutes. You would not have to ride it, watching it is enough it would seem. But wait! If Cosmo Clock is that awesome from below, how much more is it if you are riding it? Since it offers great view of the buzzing activities below, the surrounding towers and even Shinjuku skyscrapers, I bet it is awesome!

    2. Daikanransha


    The Daikanransha ferris wheel in Odaiba is the second tallest in Japan. Being on top of the 377 feet giant Ferris wheel gives you entirely magnificent view of Tokyo Bay. Especially at night, the dancing lights across Odaiba are truly a must-see scenery.

    1. Diamond and Flower Ferris Wheel


    Being the tallest in Japan, the Diamond and Flower Ferris wheel boasts off its lights and has an appearance of a flower and sparkling diamonds. The 384 feet high Ferris wheel has a great view of Disneyland, Tokyo Bay, Chiba and Boso Peninsula during fine weather. You can also see Mt. Fuji on clear days.