6 Things to Do in Ginza Other Than Shopping

  • Ginza has been labeled an expensive district around Tokyo. With the upscale shopping centers, grand restaurants and high-end fashion stores, the district is living up to the expectations. But there is more to Ginza than shopping. So if you are looking for some things to do in Ginza aside from shopping, you might as well try these activities!

    1. Take a Stroll in Chuo District

    This shopping street of Tokyo transforms into Pedestrian’s Paradise during weekends. The streets are closed to vehicles allowing people to enjoy the space freely making it more enjoyable for kids to roam around without minding the cars. Sometimes, there are even small concerts and performances for added entertainment.

    2. Relax in Hamarikyu Gardens

    The park is surrounded by sea water pond coming from the Tokyo bay. Take a break from shopping and enjoy a scenic stroll in the garden. The pond houses various saltwater fish including eels and sea bass.


    3. Dinner at the Alice in Labyrinth

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    Follow the Mad Hatter and enter the Wonderland through Alice in Labyrinth theme restaurant in Ginza. Everything is Alice in Wonderland themed, from walls, chairs and even food. The waitresses are also dressed up in costumes making the experience more life-like!


    4. Enjoy Okinawa’s local products at Washita

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    Shop from the rest of Japan through ‘antenna shops’ spread all over Ginza. These specialty stores actually showcase products from all around the country. Washita, particularly is a store specializing in music, food, art and crafts of Okinawa. There is a liquor store below that you might want to check.


    5. Bath in Komparuyu

    Yes! There is an onsen in Ginza and this public bath is one of a kind. Being nestled in the middle of shopping centers, this Edo period bathhouse is still open to this date, it’s the best place to relax your sore muscles from traveling and shopping. Sometimes, they float flower petals in the baths making it more soothing.


    6. Watch a Play in Kabukiza

    If you want to experience more of the Japanese culture, watching one of the plays in Kabukiza theater is definitely worthwhile. The entire performance lasts for approximately five hours but if you think you cannot dedicate that much time to watch the entire show, there are single act tickets available.


    True, Ginza is an expensive city to visit. With its countless high-end stores and designer shops, budget travelers cringe to the notion of staying in the district for long. But if you know what places to go to, you will realize there is more to Ginza than just a money black hole.