Not knowing this may embarrass you! The proper way to eat sushi

Not knowing this may embarrass you! The proper way to eat sushi


When you visit Japan, one of the things you might want to do is going to eat authentic sushi!
But as it happens, many people do not know how to eat it correctly.
Here we will share the etiquette of eating sushi with you, so you can impress even the professionals.

Eating Order


There are no special rules for this, but we recommend starting with the simplest flavors, moving on to increasingly richer flavors, and finishing off with something lightly flavored in order to settle the taste in your mouth.
Start with white fish such as sea bream or flounder, and leave heavier flavors such as fatty tuna and sea urchin for later.
However, if you find this difficult, you can always tell your budget to the staff and have them prepare their recommendations.

How to Eat

You can either use your hands or chopsticks.

If You Are Using Your Hands:
Hold the piece of sushi with your thumb, index and middle finger and dip the fish topping in the soy sauce. Do not dip the rice.

If You Are Using Chopsticks:
Put the sushi piece on its side to pick it up. Then, dip the fish topping only in the soy sauce, same as described above.

Other Useful Information


For “gunkan-maki,” or pieces of sushi wrapped in nori seaweed, dip some pieces of the complimentary ginger in soy sauce, and use it to place some of the sauce on the topping.
The ginger is also used to reset the taste in your mouth in between pieces of sushi.
Also, when you eat sashimi, you should not melt the wasabi in the soy sauce. Connoisseurs place the wasabi right on sashimi piece before dipping it into soy sauce.

Things to be Careful About

Sushi is a very delicate dish. Avoid wearing strong perfumes when you go to eat sushi.
Do not separate the topping from the rice and then place it back on.

Enjoy SUSHI!

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