A Peek at Studio Ghibli’s Upcoming Collaboration Film, The Red Turtle

  • Are you wondering what film Studio Ghibli will be releasing next after Hayao Miyazaki’s retirement? Wonder no more as Studio Ghibli has set to release its new film entitled “The Red Turtle” this coming June 29, 2016 (French release) and September 17, 2016 (Japanese release). It is a Japanese-French production which is meant to provide valuable life lessons to its audience. Let’s take a look at its story.

    The Story

    red turtle story

    The story of the Red Turtle blossoms into something unique yet mysterious. It is all about a man and, as you would expect from the title, a large red turtle. The man tries to escape the island but gradually adapts to his surroundings, growing accustomed to the sound of the sea, the curtains of rain, the tiny crabs scuttling over the land and so on. It also shows the balance of life in a painful yet beautiful way. One example of this shows a baby turtle that couldn’t reach the sea was seen being dragged by a crab. A painful end of life is a delicious hearty meal for another.

    Lessons of the Movie

    red turtle lessons

    This is similar to other castaway films where high-stakes drama can be seen. One of these occasions shows the man being stuck in an underwater tunnel. At another point in the film, he ends up battling the giant turtle which is rarely seen on the island. It seems like the turtle doesn’t like the raft which the man built for himself or it doesn’t like the man at all wants to prevent him from leaving the island. Take note that you won’t hear a single word dialogue within the 80-minute time frame of the film. You may find it relaxing as it is quite a deep story to absorb while it is silently asking questions about friendship, ambition and acceptance.

    Catch The Red Turtle in theaters this September in Japan. The wonderful story from Studio Ghibli will certainly move you to tears.

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