Full Day Shopping in Nagoya: 7 spots you should visit

  • Unlike Tokyo or Osaka, Nagoya is not very popular for shopping, the amount of shopping malls and shopping centers is not as great as in the bigger cities. But still, there’s a bright side to Nagoya being less popular. First of all, the shopping malls in Nagoya are not as crowded as those in Tokyo or Osaka, so you can feel more comfortable. Secondly, because they are not overwhelmed by visitors, some stores have a better choice of items and are better organized. For example, in some cases, people can find the item they like in a particular store (like Uniqlo or GU) in Nagoya only, because it’s out of stock in Tokyo!

    If you visit Nagoya, and plan to spend 1 day for shopping, these are the recommended places for you.

    1. Sakae (The Underground Mall)


    As the biggest shopping area in Nagoya, Sakae has a lot to offer. In the underground mall, located right after you exit Sakae subway station, there are ranges of stores available for kids, young and old alike. It is good to go there either with family or friends. Also, some good restaurants are available on sight.


    2. Sakae (Oasis 21)


    Located in the underground of Oasis 21 building. This place is one of the most exciting places to eat at and get together, as there are many restaurants and cafés available. There is also “Ghibli studio” shop and otehr interesting stores you might want to visit. In addition, we can also go to the top floors and take many photos with Nagoya downtown and Nagoya TV tower at the background.


    3. Sakae (Malls including Mitsukoshi, Matsuzakaya, Parco, Sunshine Sakae and some other malls)


    Sakae consists of many malls. But some malls are “upper class” and are considered more pricey as the items they sell are also of a better quality. You can find some branded stores like Zara or Old Navy on its streets.


    4. Nagoya station (Takashimaya, Kintetsu Passe, and Meitetsu)


    Located in Nagoya station, there are 3 big and famous malls namely; Meitetsu, Kintetsu Passe and Takashimaya. Apart from that, there are also many stores and restaurants inside Nagoya station that you can visit.


    5. Osu Street & Kamimaezu


    This street is a big shopping area. The price here are considered cheap. You can find anything from souvenirs, to clothes, to 100 yen shops, to second-hand shops, to electronics. Street foods can also be found everywhere. Osu is also closed to Osu Kannon temple. This place is a must-visit when you go to Nagoya.


    6. Kanayama


    Kanayama station is the second biggest station in Nagoya. This station is simply stunning with its numerous shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, and restaurants, as well as entertainments like karaoke boxes.


    7. Nagoya Dome Mae Yada


    Aeon malls can be found everywhere in Japan, Nagoya included. But the biggest Aeon in Nagoya is located in Nagoya Dome Mae Yada. This place is right next to the baseball stadium.