Let those Creative Juices Flow and Unleash those Hidden Masterpieces at ArtBar Tokyo!

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  • Do you love art or would love to pick it up as a hobby? Then good news, you can do just that at ArtBar Tokyo! It doesn’t matter what level of art experience you have, ArtBar Tokyo welcomes all art enthusiasts. So check it out and join in the fun – it could just be your art experience of a lifetime!

    The Concept


    ArtBar Tokyo’s motto is to ‘be your own artist’ where they encourage art enthusiasts of all levels to develop their creative talents in a fun environment. Upon signing up, there are different levels available ranging from beginner to expert, then after that, all you need to do is pick a preferred date and time, show up and you’re good to go. All the art supplies are covered so you don’t need to worry about that either.


    At your art session, you will be guided by artist instructors who will share various styles and techniques that will be useful for those that want to continue art as a hobby in future. At ArtBar Tokyo, they also believe that ‘life is too short not to be inspired’ so get inspired and let that hidden masterpiece of yours unfold beautifully onto a blank canvas.

    Painting Sessions


    Each art session runs for two hours and accommodates 15-25 students per class. It is lead by a professional artist who provides effective painting techniques to help you create your very own masterpiece. Every session generates a fun-filled atmosphere where
    you also get the opportunity to meet new people.

    All art supplies are provided including a canvas, apron, brushes and so on. Also, you can make group reservations of 20-30 people for a more personalized art session with your family and friends. You even get the choice of artist you would like to run the session!

    As mentioned earlier, numbers are limited per class so you’ll need to make reservations well in advance. There is even a photography workshop so if you would like more information on that as well as making reservations for either an art session or photography workshop check out their website below. Go on, let those creative juices flow and unleash your very own hidden works of art!

    ArtBar Website


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