Vote For Your Favorite Sanrio Character In This Adorable Curry Election!

Vote For Your Favorite Sanrio Character In This Adorable Curry Election!

Japan just loves to make rankings for every kind of event possible. Whether for songs, artists, manga and anime, characters and even location and food, there is sure to be a ranking list that pops up that features the cream of the crop of each group.

The popular brand Sanrio has also made a ranking list for their large number of characters that are well-known all over the world such as Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pompom Purin and many more. But there’s one more election where fans can vote to elect the top Sanrio character – a curry election, to be precise!

Sanrio Character Curry Election

No, you’re not reading this wrong. The Sanrio Character Curry Election is not like the usual elections that Sanrio does to rank their top characters. The Sanrio Character Curry Election is an event this summer at Sanrio Puroland, where visitors to the park can vote from the 12 characters included in the election.

While curry in Japan may have the sole image of brown curry and white rice, the selection of curry at the election will bring your food to life thanks to the colors and characters that might have you thinking the curry is just too cute to eat! You can vote for your favorite character for the election from July 16th until August 31st, with the announcement of the winning curry on September 2nd. So which 12 characters are appearing in this election?

Hello Kitty’s Beautiful Curry

santio hello kitty curry

First up, of course, is none other than Sanrio’s brand image character, Hello Kitty. Floating in brown curry, Hello Kitty is just waiting for you to munch on the croquettes, karaage and other cute elements of her dish.

Pompom Purin’s Hamburg Curry

sanrio pompom purin

Pompom Purin offers you a hearty curry with a tomato and broccoli bowtie, not to mention the cute hamburg steak on top of his head.

Cinnamoroll’s Flying Sky Blue Curry

sanrio cinnamoroll

Is there anything cuter than a happy cuddly puppy flying over a sky of blue curry? Cinnamoroll is sure to make your day brighter with this happy curry!

Gudetama’s Lazy Keema Curry

sanrio gudetama

Gudetama, the laziest egg you’ll ever see, is held in by a bacon strip and place over top of the keema curry for a full finish.

My Melody’s Curry

sanrio my melody

My Melody, like Cinnamoroll, is bringing curry back to its Indian roots, and in a very cute way! With two pink pieces of naan bread used as My Melody’s ears, you’ll want to give this a try.

Kuromi’s Black Curry

sanrio kuromi

Does black curry sound too surreal for you? Well, Kuromi is providing this mysterious curry flavor and wants you to dig in!

Kiki’s Blue Curry and Lala’s Pink Curry

sanrio kikilala

Each of the Little Twin Stars appears in their own curry with Kiki having a blue curry and Lala with her pink one. What could be cuter than the combination of these two?

Keroppi’s ‘Change Your Mood’ Curry

sanrio keroppi

The name of Keroppi’s curry, “kibun wo kaeru” is a play on words because the word “kaeru” means “frog” and “change” in Japanese. Why not try a green curry with a fun name?

XO’s Tsundere Curry

sanrio badtzmaru

XO, pronounced Badtz-maru, has a black and white curry to offer, and although the colors are slightly more plain, his personality shines through with this curry!

Monkichi’s Curry de Gozaru

sanrio monkichi

Check out Monkichi in his own curry where a poker-faced monkey sits above a cute banana-shaped portion of rice on your plate!

Hangyodon and Sayuri chan’s Nakayoshi Curry

sanrio hangyodon

And lastly, Hangyodon is also bringing you a blue curry that resembles him perfectly! And, as an added bonus, you can find Sayuri-chan with Hangyodon to complete your dish.

The lucky curry entry that places first in the ranking will have their own curry dish permanently served on the regular year-round menu until the following election takes place!

So Sanrio fans out there, be sure to vote for your favorite character curry at Sanrio Puroland during the above-mentioned event duration to have the winning dish of your choice available for a whole year! It may just be your favorite character who will take the win!

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