Plus-Size Fashion Is On the Rise in Japan: Check Out How to Get It!

  • Going by modern beauty standards, ‘slim’ is always the norm. Japan’s beauty standards are no different. The perfect Japanese woman should be petite and slender to be considered attractive. However, there are a lot of women who look absolutely gorgeous irrespective of their weight. Taking this into account, many new fashionistas are rising to challenge the tradition and showcase what they call ‘marshmallow beauty’.

    La Farfa

    plus size fashion la farfa

    La Farfa is the first of its kind. It is a Japanese magazine meant specifically for plus-sized fashion. Being big is seen as unhealthy or less attractive in many societies around the world including Japan. Television and social media have long been perpetuating this image. Most of us try to look like our favorite celebrities and mimic their lifestyle.

    Terms like ‘Debu (fatty)’ can be used as derogatory terms in Japan. It is also a pre-conceived notion that plus-sized women cannot wear swimsuits. Breaking this tradition, La Farfa brings you a bunch of beautiful plus-sized women in different women’s wear. The magazine has attracted so many readers due to its uniqueness and bold attempts to turn the fashion industry around. It has given a voice to curvy and chubby women to express themselves without having to fear prejudices. You can see these women trying various outfits (including two-piece swimwear) without being shy in this magazine.

    Japanese Plus-Size Shopping

    plus size fashion plumprimo

    Finding the right fit can be extremely difficult in Japan if you are a plus-sized man or woman. Not every store in Japan sells plus-sized clothes. But thanks to magazines such as La Farfa, the need for these clothes has now caught the attention of the fashion industry. Brands such as Wacoal have launched a plus-sized lingerie line named ‘Pocha Kawabura.’ There is also a new attractive clothing line exclusively for plus-sized women called ‘Plumprimo’. Other notable women’s brands that sell plus-sized clothes include ‘Nissen’, ‘Rope’, ‘Chay club’ and others. There are also some stores which sell clothes that fit European sizes in Tokyo such as ‘Topshop’ in Shinjuku.

    If you are a ‘marshmallow girl’, take a look at the rise of the plus-sized fashion that’s happening these days. If you are a foreigner looking for large sizes, do not forget to visit the stores mentioned above to find the right fit!

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