Rock Paper Scissors’ History, Smart Cards and More in This Week’s Hot 10 Articles!

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    Did You Know that the ’Rock Paper Scissors’ Game Actually Started in Japan?

    This article all about Rock Paper Scissors’ history and uses in Japan was a big hit with readers! Check it out to see the Japanese spin on this age-old game.



    All You Need to Know about Smart Cards and How to Use them in Japan!

    If you’re traveling or living in Japan, this article will give you plenty of helpful information about the convenience of using a smart card.



    Make Your Wedding Truly Unique and Walk Down the Aisle with a Cute and Fluffy Alpaca in Japan!

    The title nearly says it all for this humorous article. This is definitely worth a read or a share if you and your friends like to hear about some of the crazy things you can do in Japan!


    ghibli characters

    Have You Seen Studio Ghibli’s Most Heartwarming and Heartwrenching Films?

    Fans of Ghibli films will want to check out this article! The author gave an opinion on the 2 most heartwarming and the 2 most heartwrenching Studio Ghibli films. See if you agree!



    Tired of Expensive Monthly Mobile Bills in Japan? Check Out this Cheap and Cheerful Option!

    A great, in-depth look at sim cards and the different varieties Japan has to offer. If you’re interested in saving money on your phone, check this out!


    menu nabe

    New to Kanji? Here Are Some Useful Characters to Help You With Japanese Menus!

    Not every restaurant has an English menu. Even when some places do provide one, it isn’t always helpful. Master these few kanji to help you order what you want in Japan.


    3 Fantastic Hot Spots to Soak in the Finest Views of Tokyo Even on a Budget!

    If you’re hoping to get the best of Tokyo without spending all of your cash, check the tips in this article!


    andes melon

    Indulge in the Sweet Charm of Japanese Melons from Ibaraki!

    A wonderful article about a tasty fruit! This will tell you all about the best of the best of Ibaraki melons to try this summer.


    fried food cheese

    Author’s photo

    Who Knew Japan Loved Fried Food This Much?

    The writer gives their insight on some of the tastiest and most surprising fried food finds in Japan!



    Did You Know that Japan is Opening Another Theme Park? Brace Yourselves for Legoland Park!

    If you were (and still are) a Lego lover, you’ll definitely want to find out all you can about Japan’s new Legoland Park. Find out when and where to go as well as what to look forward to.

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