Hesitant to Go Full-On Camping? Here are 5 “Glampsites” in Japan instead!

  • Have you ever heard of the term “glamping?” Apparently, it is a new trend that is taking the world by storm including Japan. The word “glamping” is basically a combination of the words glamorous and camping, so glamping is the term used for a glamorous camping trip. When glamping, there is no need for you to set up your own campsite or go to the bathroom in the woods. Glamping is like staying at a luxurious hotel room while still being in the great outdoors.


    1. Ise-shima Everglades


    The Everglades offers various types of glamping facilities including ones right next to a lake where you can enjoy Canadian canoeing. The buildings here are more like private cottages as compared to your typical campsite. You can also witness a beautiful starry sky in the area around the Everglades which it is known for.

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    2. Hatsushima Island Camp Villa


    This glamping site has tent villas that are located on the shore of Hatsushima. Each tent is fully equipped with air conditioning and heating, making your stay extremely comfortable in both the summer and winter. Your breakfast and dinner will also be brought to your tent, giving your stay an additional luxurious feel.

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    3. Camp and Cabins


    Camp and Cabins is located in the Nasu plain area, making it an ideal place to enjoy and experience the great outdoors of Japan. This facility is more like the traditional camp but the cottages are also equipped with electricity outlets, fireplaces, hammocks, and rocking chairs, which adds an extra flair that is more “glamorous” than your typical camping site.


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    If you do not want to go too far from the urban Tokyo area, WILDMAGIC is the perfect glamping site for you. It is actually located right outside of Shin-Toyosu station. You do not need to bring your own camping equipment as everything, from the tent to the barbecue, is prepared for you.

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    5. Outdoor Sports Park


    Outdoor Sports Park is a combination of a barbecue facility, a golf course, an outdoor area, and a driving range. You can also enjoy outdoor sports, such as running and cycling, in the enormous land available at this park.

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    If you have always had a bit of a resistance in going full out camping, glamping might be the middle ground between camping and staying at a hotel that you have been looking for! If you are in Japan, why not try it here where you can enjoy the great outdoors of this humble island country?

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