8 Places in the Greater Tokyo Area Where You Can Find Tiratisu − the New Dessert Spin on Tiramisu

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  • Have you heard of the new kind of dessert called “tiratisu?” This new dessert takes a spin on the old time favorite cake, tiramisu. The word tiramisu originally comes from the Italian word that means “cheer me up” or “pick me up,” and the popular mascarpone cheese and coffee based cake is named after the word as an attempt to make a kind of dessert that will make whoever eats it cheer up once they take a bite. Now, the new kind of dessert, tiratisu, is named after the Italian word that means “cheer YOU up.” There is obviously only a slight difference in the word itself, but you can sense the desire of the pastry chef to offer a dessert that will cheer up the person eating it. Tiramisu became popular in Japan more than 25 years ago and now, tiratisu is also becoming popular.


    Where did it come from?

    Tiratisu was made for the first time at the Expo Milano 2015 as an attempt to mix the traditional Japanese ingredient, soybean, with traditional Italian recipes in order to create a new “soy-Italian” that is hopefully healthier than traditional Italian cuisine. Soy-Italian features soybean cream and soybean cheese cream that replaces other ingredients and tiratisu is made using these soy ingredients instead of the traditional ingredients used in tiramisu.


    There are over 20 places where you can purchase tiratisu but I would like to introduce some specific locations in the greater Tokyo area that offers this new kind of dessert.

    1. Dance Cube Cafe


    This cafe located in Kachidoki is within the same building as a ballet dance studio and shop. It focuses on providing healthy meals that support dancers’ health. Dance Cube Cafe’s tiratisu is available as part of their dinner menu and is extremely popular due to its rich creamy flavor.


    2. Runoa Coffee


    This coffee shop franchise based in Ginza serves tiratisu pies. The main tiratisu cake is accented with lemon and mint and goes perfectly with the crispy pie base on the outside.


    3. Trattoria Ciaoro


    Trattoria Ciaoro is located 3 minutes away from Meguro Station and you can enjoy various Italian menus at this restaurant. The various Italian recipes are delicious of course, but this healthy tiratisu is a perfect dessert to finish off your delicious Italian meal. Please note, however, that an advance reservation should be made for a tiratisu if you want to order one on your visit.


    4. Mother Earth Cafe

    Mother Earth Cafe provides various healthy soy desserts and their tiratisu is one of the most popular desserts. The mascarpone cheese is replaced with high-quality soy milk “cheese” and you can barely taste the difference between normal tiramisu and tiratisu. They also offer soy pumpkin pudding and tofu bean curd apple crumble cake.


    5. Ortaggio Albero Villaggio


    Ortaggio Albero Villaggio is a high-end Italian restaurant located in the Saitama Prefecture. All of the ingredients used are imported from Europe, as well as fresh fish and traditional Japanese ingredients. Their tiratisu that is included in their course menu is made from strictly chosen soybeans and other ingredients from around the globe, creating a classy and delicious dessert that you cannot eat elsewhere.


    6. Mano-e-Mano


    Mano-e-Mano is located in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. They replace the mascarpone cream cheese with soybean cream combined with honey. Instead of using the cocoa powder as it is usually used in making tiramisu, Mano-e-Mano uses soybean powder to make it more “traditionally Japanese.” It is recommended that you check whether or not tiratisu will be on the menu before heading there.


    7. Azzurri Classico


    This restaurant is located inside of the Isetan shopping complex in Urawa. Their healthy tiratisus are extremely popular amongst their health conscious customers because the second you take a bite, the silky and creamy texture of the soy cream will spread throughout your mouth. Their tiratisu isn’t too sweet and has a fresh after taste.


    8. Anténor


    Anténor is a baked goods shop that has branches all over Japan. Their flagship store in Mitsukoshi is actually selling a limited edition matcha tiratisu from July 6th to August 2nd. Unlike the other cakes mentioned above, the matcha tiratisu from Anténor looks more like a pudding. This tiratisu is made from soy milk, matcha, and red green paste which are all traditional Japanese ingredients, giving this traditional Italian menu a Japanese twist. The sponge placed in between the layers of soy cream is soaked in matcha syrup, giving the entire dessert a sense of unity and an overall “wa” flavor.


    I hope this article served as a nice introduction to the new dessert tiratisu. If you have a chance to taste this delicious yet healthy alternative to the cake that everyone loves, I highly suggest visiting at least one of the places mentioned above. Some of the cakes are limited edition so be sure to check them out soon!

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