Admire the Quirks of Modern Art at the Towada Art Center in Aomori!

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  • The city of Towada in Aomori Prefecture has been concentrating on promoting art in the city with its project called Arts Towada as a means of development. This project began in 2005 and the Art Center opened in 2008. The Towada Art Center, Street Furniture, and Art Square are the main parts of this project and if you have any interest in modern art, I highly suggest visiting this art-filled city!


    Look at the “Street Furniture”




    On the streets around Towada Art Center, there are various modern art installations collectively called as “street furniture.” These come in different shapes and sizes and you can sit on all of them. Some look like cushions, others look like clouds, while some look like they aren’t even there.

    Visit the Art Square



    The Art Square features modern art by various artists. The enormous “Ghost” hovers past the bathroom while “Unknown Mass” peeks into the window pane of the bathroom. Another installment in the Art Square is Yayoi Kusama (草間彌生)’s “Love Forever, Singing in Towada.” This adorable collection of eight sculptures represents pure and free spirits.

    Tour inside the Towada Art Center



    The Towada Art Center is the modern museum of art in Towada. The exhibits at the Towada Art Center are made under the theme of the coexistence of the urban space and nature. 33 artists from both inside and outside Japan have their art on exhibit at this art center. This museum is extremely unique because each exhibit room only has one piece in it and each room is connected by a hallway. This way of presenting the pieces of art gives you the time and space to enjoy each artwork separately. As a modern museum, this art center has pieces on exhibit both inside and outside the building itself. The garden and rooftops both serve as exhibition spaces for the various pieces of art.

    If you are in love with art like I am or if you find that one of your favorite modern artists is featured in these exhibits, I highly recommend visiting Towada. Even if you don’t have the time to stop by the museum itself, you can enjoy and appreciate the artworks that are scattered around the city.

    Towada Art Center Website

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