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    If you visit Japan with your family, especially for your kids, they would like to go to the zoo. Ueno Zoological Gardens is one of my recommended zoo in Japan. It is biggest and oldest zoo in Tokyo and located in Ueno Park. When was it opened? -It was opened since 1882. Viewing areas are divided into two, the east and west area. This zoo is home to about 450 species of animals, including the most popular animal, giant panda.


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    Isn’t it really cute just to look at this entrance? The west and the east areas are connected by a monorail (150 yen/ ride), so don’t worry if you don’t walk too much when visit there.

    The Monkey Hill

    When I visited there last year, the place where I really like is the Monkey Hill. This place was completed in 1931. You will be able to see about 40 Japanese monkeys and their funny group behavior. When I see it, it is really funny to look how they act, what they are doing with each other, and etc.

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    Isn’t it funny enough? See how they react, their behavior, and etc. I think it is really funny attraction for your family. If you want to visit there, it will open from 9.30am to 5pm, the last admission is at 4pm. For the admission, you must pay around 600 yen for adults (15-64 years old), 300 yen for senior citizens, and 200 yen for children (12-14 years old).

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    So, if you or your children like to going to the zoo, I really recommend you to visit this Ueno Zoological Gardens with your family.

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