Have a Taste of Hida Takayama in Gifu with These 3 Must-Try Local Foods

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  • One of Japan’s most beautiful places is located in a picturesque town called Takayama. It is known for its farming villages located in the Hida region. As a traditional townscape, it also serves as a great destination for awesome dishes that every traveler should taste. Here are three of the must-try delicious local foods in the area.


    1. Hida Beef Menchi-Katsu (minced meat cutlet)


    Hida beef is considered to be the best quality beef in Takayama. It is a specialty beef from Japanese Black Cattle which are raised in Gifu Prefecture for at least 14 months. As a representative food of Japan, it is delicious regardless of when you eat it. It has the highest grade marbling which means that it is exceptionally juicy because of the fat meshed throughout the meat’s muscle. While you won’t be able to completely enjoy the beef’s taste when you eat it as a menchi-katsu (a breaded and deep-fried meat cutlet), it is a good food experience as the juicy beef is wrapped in a crunchy layer.

    Takayama Sukeharu Website (Language options available)

    2. Gohei Mochi

    Gohei mochi is a common local dish in Gifu Prefecture. It comes from the words “gohei” which means wooden wands used by Shinto priests as it literally resembles it, and “mochi” which is a Japanese rice cake. Gohei mochi is a rice cake that has been grilled on a skewer. It is glazed with miso or sesame sauce which gives it a distinctive taste. It is usually served during festivals which tourists commonly eat while walking around.

    3. Takayama Ramen


    Hida Takayama’s Ramen, locally known as “Chuka Soba,” is a popular dish which uses its own local ingredients. It is packed with flavor as the ramen soup is made with soy sauce broth and noodles are usually made in-house with the highest quality flour (it depends on the restaurant or shop). Oftentimes, the taste, texture, and firmness of the noodles are incomparable. It is a great dish for anyone wanting to experience the “taste of Takayama.”

    While you’re out exploring the mountainous area of Hida Takayama, you can have a gourmet side trip at some of the shops selling these delicious foods. You should definitely give them a try!

    Hida Takayama Website

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