What Are the Japanese Reactions for Trump Becoming US President? Find Out With These 20 Tweets!

  • On November 8th, 2016 (US local time and date), the US Presidential Election was opened and at the end of the day, Donald Trump of the Republican Party was elected, defeating Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party.

    During the political campaign period, Trump’s controversial and extremely rude comments made him known to people from all over the world. Now that he is the US President, what do the Japanese people think of it? Today, we are going to show you real Japanese reactions with these 20 Tweets. Check them out!

    Negative Reactions

    “Under President Trump’s administration, my concern is the weakening of the US-Japan alliance, as well as the US Army’s evacuation from Okinawa when something comes up. Governor Onaga said that he ‘expects’ Trump which means he expects the evacuation of the US Army. And if that happens, China will surely take the Senkaku Islands and invade Japan. This will be a nightmare for Japan.” (Governor Onaga is Okinawa’s governor.)


    “The phrase ‘This is the beginning of the end,’ is often used in films and novels. For weak-headed me, it was confusing and difficult to understand perfectly, but I got the meaning the moment President Trump was born.”


    “Though I understand that there are some advantages to Trump becoming the US President, I don’t like his comments despising women. I feel like his personality is often just about ‘Men! Men!’ Seems like the character Gian, but he is kind to women..” (Gian is a character from Doraemon who is quick-tempered.)


    “I really hate Trump. _| ̄|○
    I’m scared of what’s happening. /(^o^)\”


    “Trump has become the US President. What will happen to Japan? Feeling anxious. (((゚〰゚)))”


    “Since Trump has won, I am now worried about my job hunting. (Rather, I am not sure that I can adapt to the society?)”


    “I don’t like Trump as president~”


    “Trump shock.”

    Positive Reactions

    “US President Trump has been born. It means that the society rejects foolish people who are highly motivated, who perform well in school, as well as human rights defenders but who do not make any action. Considering the result of the election, people who keep their feet on the ground voted for Trump to be their practitioner.”


    “This US Presidential Election was very meaningful since it showed the whole world that the main role is always ours, the citizens’. I am looking forward to Trump coming to Japan which will cause a big sensation.”


    “Mr. Trump, I agree with you~~
    Certainly, he is extreme, but the media’s way of broadcasting has a problem and he says the right things when he is calm~
    And I think this is kind of his strategy~~
    I respect different opinions, but saying that ‘America is over’ is not true.”


    “If Mr. Trump becomes the US President, there are expectations that he will gather an excellent staff, he will reduce his extreme ‘off-color’ remarks, and that he will do practical work. There is a saying that a one’s position makes oneself, Trump has the potential to ‘grow up’ now that he has become US President.”


    “I think the American citizens made the right choice to elect Mr. Trump as their president. Japanese citizens who support the Abe Administration which force people to pay more income tax, reduce the pension, and increase medical costs are crazier than them. Also, the people who elected the candidates that do not consider the TPP agreement as a betrayal to Japan but easily agree with it are crazy. My thought.”


    “Although everyone hates Trump, I am surprisingly supporting him. Maybe I expect something out of him. Lol. However, he is the kind of person who has extreme thoughts, so what he considers war will decide his way forward. Lol.”


    “Good morning!
    President Trump has won. His Excellency Demon (a famous multi-talented Japanese man) analyzed the situation and said, ‘This is the same situation as the Japanese national movement supporting the Democratic Party that happened before.’ I agree with him. Change is important, but what’s more important is what we do after that…

    Have a good day!”

    Neutral Reactions

    “Hi, I am Yoichi Watanabe, a battlefield cameraman. US Presidential Election. The US nation elected Donald Trump of the Republican Party as their next president. I am feeling both anxious and excited about Mr. Trump becoming a politician as he used to be a successful businessman.”


    “President Trump. Feeling anxious, as well as excited.”


    “It seems Prime Minister Abe will have a meeting with Trump on the 17th. Although Trump made a promise to significantly reduce the tax and provide funding, the financial resources have not been decided at all, so he will ask Japan to defray. I think Japan has no choice but to give at least a partial amount of it.”


    Since a lot of people expected Hillary Clinton to be elected, the majority of the comments regarding Donald Trump’s presidential victory expressed fear and anxiety. (For instance, “Feeling anxious and scared of what will happen in the future.”)

    Also, since Trump made promises to withdraw the US from the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), to raise the customs duty for Japan, and to give the burden of the US Army’s stay in Japan to the Japanese Government as public commitments, there are some who are worried about the economic confusion and rising tension in East Asia.

    On the other hand, the positive reactions towards Trump consist of admiring him for his actions and achievements as a businessman, and the expectations that he will change something.

    Right now, Japanese media are mainly broadcasting the reason why Trump won and what can happen or change because of his win. And in the future, Trump’s progress and how much he would have achieved during his administration would surely become another hot topic around the world, even among Japanese people.


    “Trump wins

    People in the world feel scared without any logical reason

    Invisible fear and aggressive policy make the world confused

    The world feels more anxious and asks the shrine maiden, who is a messenger of god, for healing

    The demand for animation depicting the shrine maiden and daily life increases

    Lucky Star (らき☆すた) Season 2 gets released”


    “I am more worried about these people rather than Trump’s win.”

    One said, “If Trump wins, I will eat a rhinoceros beetle. Lol.” Another goes, “If Trump wins, I will cross the Shibuya Scramble Crossing naked.” And another said, “If Trump wins, I will do a handstand and sing the US National Anthem at the Shuri Castle.” (Shuri Castle is located in Okinawa and it is sometimes the venue for movements against the US.)

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