Dress Up as an Anime, Geisha, and More at These 4 Themed Photo Studios in Japan

  • You log in to your social media accounts and see that your friends in Japan are all dressed up and their photos look amazing. You wonder how they got to avail of such a wonderful service and you hope that you get to experience it, too, someday.

    In Japan, there are lots of places where you can wear different clothing, traditional or modern, and hire a professional photographer to document your experience. This is another attraction that can make your trip to Japan even more memorable. In this article are four places where you can get just that!

    1. Cosplay Studio CROWN (コスプレスタジオクラウン)


    Cosplay Studio CROWN is a cosplay photo studio located in Akihabara (秋葉原), the home of everything otaku (オタク). In this cosplay studio, you can rent full costumes of your favorite anime characters (some even come with a wig) and pose for photos. The Japanese staff composed of cosplayers will help you out with wearing the costume, applying your makeup, and during your photo shoot. They offer different packages depending on the type of experience you want. They even have a package where you can walk around Akihabara while wearing the costume!

    Cosplay Studio CROWN Website

    2. Maison de Julietta (メゾンドジュリエッタ)

    Lolita fashion is still popular in Japan. But because it is quite expensive to buy lolita clothing, there are some people who are afraid to try it out.

    If you want to experience the kawaii lolita fashion with practicality in mind, then Maison de Julietta in Harajuku (原宿) can provide the experience to you, complete with photos to remind you of it. The activity might be a little pricey, but if you compare it to actually buying lolita clothes, this option is still much cheaper.

    Maison de Julietta Website

    3. STUDIO Nanairo (スタジオ七色)


    If you have ever visited Asakusa (浅草), you would know that the place is brimming with the essence of Japanese culture. Being in such kind of environment makes some people want to dress up appropriately.

    If you ever get the urge to wear traditional Japanese clothing while in Asakusa, then you can visit STUDIO Nanairo. Visitors can dress up in different styles, including oiran (花魁), geisha (芸者), maiko (舞子), samurai (侍), and queen-style or princess-style dresses. After changing and getting into hair and makeup, you can have professional photos taken. The studio also offers plans where visitors can walk around the neighborhood while wearing the traditional attire.

    STUDIO Nanairo Website



    STUDIO KOKORO is another studio where you can dress up in traditional Japanese clothing. But this time, this studio is located in Kyoto (京都). They have lots of plans to choose from; from kimono (着物) to oiran, and from single to couple plans. Aside from the standard inclusions like the clothes and makeup, you can also have your own photo book printed out.


    When in Japan, you will never run out of unique and worthwhile activities to try out. Themed photo shoots can range from affordable to expensive, but the experience always ought to be priceless. Try out any of these services when you visit Japan!

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