Gundam, the Guardian of Tokyo

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    It does not matter whether you are an anime freak, a historian or an astronaut, this statue in Tokyo will fill the bill. Wonder why? The statue is very popular in Japan and has a unique history, which no other character could deserve. Gundam, a franchise created in the 70`s initially, has emerged from anime TV series, manga novels and merchandise character into an icon of Japanese modern culture. Even the Japanese Defense forces, Space agency, and Ministries often use this figure as a symbol of their missions.

    Where is it located?


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    It is located in Odaiba, an island in Tokyo bay accessible by 2 train lines and various boats. This place is the home of Japan`s popular Fuji TV, Rainbow Bridge and other attractions. Though this 18m statue cannot be compared to the Daibutsu in Ushiku, one of the tallest statues in Japan, it is still cool to see it standing as ‘Buddha`s little toy’. :)


    Gundam Cafe

    There is a non-themed Gundam cafe right behind the statue in the Diver City Plaza, which serves foods and drinks, but if you want to visit a true Gundam themed restaurant, there is a Gundam Cafe in another part of Tokyo. It is located in Akihabara and is a big themed cafe with friendly staff and English menu. It’s an affordable place and is worth a visit if you turn out to be a Gundam fan! It is the only official Gundam cafe with futuristic design and feeling.

    Akihabara Gundam Cafe Access
    Akihabara Gundam Cafe website

    Give Gundam statue a visit, eat at the theme cafe, and buy a souvenir for someone back home or yourself. Cheers!

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