Top 44 Things to Do in Asakusa, Tokyo’s Oldest Traditional District!

  • Asakusa (浅草) is a district in Taito-ku (台東区), Tokyo (東京) that is home to many historical and modern sights, making it one of the most popular go-to destinations for visitors to Japan. The area is home to various department stores, restaurants, affordable youth hostels, and the famous Senso-ji (浅草寺) Temple, which is the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo.

    Here, we will introduce 44 things to do in Asakusa to add to your itinerary!

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    1. Soak Up the Sights on a Rickshaw Tour


    In Asakusa, you can book a tour on a real rickshaw, so you can sit back, relax, and drink in the sights without having to walk! Your guide will show you some of the best places in the area and even tell you some interesting information about them.

    The company that provides the tour, Ebisuya (えびす屋), makes their own rickshaws in Gifu Prefecture (岐阜県). When you sit in these beautiful red carriages, you can feel like those who rode rickshaws 150 years ago.

    You can choose between the 30-minute, 60-minute, 90-minute and 120-minute tours, so it can suit any schedule!

    Booking details: Enjoy a historical rickshaw tour in Asakusa with Ebisuya!

    2. Learn to Write Japanese Calligraphy


    If you’d like to learn how to write your name in Japanese, why not take a class in Japanese calligraphy? In Asakusa (and 原宿; Harajuku), you can take a 60-minute crash course on “shodo (書道)”, or the traditional writing of Chinese characters (漢字; kanji). Learn to write your name in Japanese and create a souvenir to take home!

    Booking details: Japanese Calligraphy in Tokyo

    3. Join a Special Asakusa Food Tour


    If you’d like to try different Japanese foods, try out the Asakusa food tour with locals! You can enjoy a special sashimi (刺身) lunch from Tsukiji Fish Market (築地市場), taste green tea from Kyoto (京都), and try seasonal snacks from all over Japan. This tour is family-friendly, so feel free to bring your kids along.

    Booking details: Asakusa Food Tour with Lunch and Samplings

    4. Visit Senso-ji Temple on a Private Walking Tour


    Senso-ji Temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo and well worth a visit if you’re interested in Japanese architecture and history. It is easily recignizable with its large red lantern, and with the surrounding shops and short distance from the train station, it’s easily accessible sight.

    If it’s your first time in Tokyo and you’re not sure about going by yourself, you can book a private walking tour and be guided to the best spots by local people. All of the tours are available in English.

    Booking details: Visit Sensoji! Enjoy an Asakusa Private Walking Tour!

    5. Learn How to Use a Samurai Sword


    Have you ever wondered how ancient samurai (侍) warriors wielded their weapons with such skill and grace? In Asakusa, you can attend a Samurai training course, where you can dress up in a samurai’s uniform, learn how to use a sword, take photos of your experience, and even get a certificate for your training!

    Booking details: Become a Samurai and learn to use a sword in Asakusa, Tokyo

    6. Write Your Name in Japanese on a Lantern


    This is similar to the Japanese calligraphy class, except this time you can write your name in kanji on a traditional Japanese lantern! The teacher will help you translate your name into two or three characters, and teach you how to write it properly with a real calligraphy pen.

    You can also choose different colors for your lantern and take it home as a great memory of your trip!

    Booking details: Learn How to Write Your Name in Kanji on a Lantern

    7. Make Your Own Ramen


    Do you like Japanese ramen (ラーメン)? This delicious noodle dish is a favorite among visitors and locals alike. In a restaurant in Asakusa, you can book a session to cook your very own chicken ramen! This includes wearing a traditional chef’s costume and time to eat the ramen you cooked.

    Booking details: Make Japanese chicken ramen in a ramen restaurant, Asakusa

    8. Experience Traditional Japanese Dyeing


    If you’re interested in Japanese culture and dyeing techniques, why not try out a real Japanese dyeing experience in Asakusa? Here, you can learn about different techniques of Japanese dyeing, and even dye your own clothes, handbags, handerchiefs and more!

    The tour is available every day except Wednesdays and you can book anytime between 10:00am and 7:00pm.

    Booking details: Enjoy Dyeing Experience at an Atelier in Asakusa, Tokyo!

    9. Take a Beginner’s Japanese Class


    Would you like to take a quick crash course in Japanese? While you are visiting Tokyo, you might as well learn some phrases! In Asakusa, you can take a two-hour lesson where you will learn to introduce yourself, ask for directions and more by a certified teacher.

    Perhaps by attending this class you can learn to chat with the locals more easily by practicing some of your new language skills!

    Booking details: Take a Japanese Language Class for Beginners in Asakusa!

    10. Experience a Tea Ceremony and Tour of Asakusa

    traditional beauty of tea ceremony Japan

    One of Japan’s ancient traditions is the tea ceremony. In Asakusa, you can experience it first-hand with a tea ceremony and Asakusa tour package. Learn how the Japanese traditionally prepare and drink their green tea at a local shop, then explore Senso-ji with a guide.

    Booking details: Experience tea ceremony and tour Asakusa

    11. Go Drinking in a Japanese Bar


    If you’re wanting to go drinking during your trip to Tokyo, you’ll likely step into a Japanese-style bar, called an izakaya (居酒屋) in Japanese. You can join a tour to see the best izakayas in the Asakusa area with local people, then choose your favorite to go and enjoy a drink!

    Booking details: Join us on Asakusa Izakaya Bar Hopping Tour

    12. Experience a Real Escape Game


    If you ever played the flash Escape Games on the internet, you might be interested to hear that you can participate in a real escape game in Asakusa! There are two to choose from, the Red Box and the Haunted Manor. They’re available in English, and would be a fun and different thing to do to add excitement to your trip!

    Booking details: Experience a Real Escape Game in Asakusa, Tokyo

    13. Duel with Sumo Wrestlers and Eat Chanko Nabe


    While in Asakusa, why not meet with real sumo (相撲) wrestlers and see their show? You can also challenge them to a friendly duel and enjoy some Japanese hotpot called chanko nabe (ちゃんこ鍋).

    This family-friendly tour is especially for international visitors and is available in English.

    Booking details: Duel with sumo wrestlers and eat chanko nabe in Asakusa show

    14. Try All-You-Can-Drink Sake


    If you’re interested in sake (酒), you should definitely try the all-you-can-drink sake plan in Asakusa! There are over 100 types of sake to try, and you can take your own snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. The plan runs until 10:00pm, and you can come and go to the restaurant as you please.

    Booking details: Taste 100 Kinds of Sake With an “All-You-Can-Drink” Plan!

    15. Learn How to Play Japanese Chess


    In Asakusa, there is a chance to learn how to play Japanese chess, or shogi (将棋)! Even if you have no idea how to play, you can learn and play a real game in this two-hour session. You will be taught by the Kyoto champion, and as well as the rules, you can learn a bit about the history of the game.

    Booking details: Take a Japanese Chess (Shogi) class in Asakusa, Tokyo

    16. See a Private Geisha or Biwa Show at a Tempura Restaurant


    In a tempura (天ぷら) restaurant in Asakusa is the opportunity to see a traditional show – either geisha (芸者) or biwa (琵琶), it’s up to you – and enjoy an authentic tempura meal, including dessert. This special package will transport you back to the Edo period (江戸時代) and give you an idea of old life in Japan!

    Booking details: Private Geisha or Biwa Show at an Asakusa Tempura Restaurant

    17. Explore Tokyo’s Ancient Yoshiwara “Pleasure Quarter”


    Explore Tokyo’s old red light district in old Yoshiwara (吉原)! One of Tokyo’s most significant red light district areas, this area is the setting for many Japanese books and movies, including Yoshiwara Enjo (吉原炎上) and Sakuran (さくらん).

    Booking details: Explore Tokyo’s Historic Wild Side in Yoshiwara

    18. Make Your Own Sushi


    As well as ramen, you can have the chance to make your very own sushi (寿司) in Asakusa! A chef with 30 years of experience give a short lecture on how to order and eat sushi, how to grate fresh wasabi (山葵), and how to cut fish with a real sushi chef’s knife. You’ll also get a chance to make and taste your own sushi! If you’re interested in Japanese food, definitely don’t miss out on this tour.

    Booking details: Enjoy a sushi workshop in Asakusa!

    19. Tour Asakusa and Ryogoku with a Sumo Wrestler


    A tour is one thing, but how about a tour with a real sumo wrestler? This is a rare opportunity to meet and chat with a Japanese sumo wrestler and have him show you the best sights in town.

    You can choose either Ryogoku (両国) or Asakusa, or you can choose both for a longer tour. The program is available in English.

    Booking details: Tour Asakusa and Ryogoku with a sumo wrestler

    20. Try on a Japanese Kimono or Samurai Outfit


    While in Asakusa, why not try on a traditional Japanese kimono (着物) or a samurai outfit? You can try on a full outfit, take photos and take the pictures home with you! This package is only an hour long, leaving plenty of time to see the surrounding Asakusa area beforehand or afterward. Children under four years old can join for free!

    Booking details: Wear a Japanese Kimono/Samurai set in Asakusa!

    21. Make Traditional Japanese Soap


    Enjoyable for both children and adults, this class in Asakusa offers the chance to learn about traditional Japanese soap and how to make it. You can make your own from rice bran and herbs, and take it home as a souvenir. Afterwards, you can have the opportunity to visit the Asakusa Shrine (浅草神社) nearby.

    Booking details: Make Traditional Japanese Soap in a 1-Day Craft Class, Tokyo

    22. See the Area Beyond Senso-ji Temple


    This unique tour offers a tour of the area beyond the popular Senso-ji Temple and to less-visited areas such as Imado Shrine (今戸神社), and areas such as the old red-light district and the execution grounds. Although a little gloomy, this is some fascinating history you don’t want to miss.

    Booking details: See the area beyond Sensoji: half-day tour north of Asakusa

    23. Stroll Around Asakusa in a Yukata


    Similar to the kimono wearing mentioned earlier, except this time you can take a walk around Asakusa wearing your yukata (浴衣)! Choose your own yukata design at a local shop, take a photo near the big gate, and try local snacks. If there’s time, your guide will also show you more areas upon request!

    Booking details: Wear Yukata and tour Asakusa with a guide

    24. Make Your Own Candy Figurine


    During your tour of Asakusa, you can try making your own candy figurine! See the local sights and take home your own sweet little treat. This tour is great for kids.

    Booking details: Make a Japanese candy figurine during a tour in Asakusa

    25. Learn About Traditional Japanese Weaving Methods


    If you’re interested in Japanese culture and how things are made, why not try weaving your own merchandise in Asakusa, including your own coaster, centerpiece, or place mat? Children can enjoy this activity, too. Create your own souvenir and take it home as a gift for yourself or loved ones!

    Booking details: Enjoy Weaving Experience at an Atelier in Asakusa, Tokyo!

    26. Wear a Kimono Jacket and Take a Drum Lesson


    In Asakusa, you’ll have the chance to learn to play the Japanese “wadaiko (和太鼓)” drum while wearing a kimono jacket! You’ll also get to see a Nihon-buyo (日本舞踊) dance and powerful drum performance. The class is available in English and French.

    Booking details: Japanese Drum Lesson & Kimono Dance Performance in Asakusa

    27. Eat Your Fill of Japanese Sweets


    This tour offers an opportunity to try many delicious Japanese desserts while touring Asakusa, including a visit to Kappabashi (合羽橋), one of Japan’s largest kitchen goods streets. If you’re interested in this, be sure to bring walking shoes as it includes a three-hour tour of walking.

    Booking details: Explore Asakusa’s wonders and sweets on a walking tour!

    28. Make Japanese Okonomiyaki with Local People


    Are you interested in Japanese food? Would you like to make Japanese okonomiyaki with Japanese people? Try this tour, where you can visit an ordinary traditional Japanese home in Asakusa, learn about okonomiyaki (お好み焼き) and how to cook it, and sip Japanese tea while you chat! This homely package is something a little different from the usual tour but offers you the chance to spend time and cook with local people.

    Booking details: Visit a Japanese Home and Make Japanese Pizza!

    29. Cook Japanese Food


    Similar to the previously mentioned tours, this is an opportunity to learn to cook Japanese food. This time, you’ll have a wider range of choices, from yakitori (焼き鳥) to sushi to green tea and desserts. You can choose from the Japanese Culinary Experience and the Japanese Cafe Experience.

    Booking details: Try cooking Japanese Food in Asakusa!

    30. Visit the Best Parts of Asakusa Dressed as a Ninja


    If you’d like to do something a little different, why not visit Asakusa dressed as a ninja (忍者)? You can wear a real ninja costume, eat lunch with locals, visit the best spots in Asakusa such as the Kaminarimon (雷門) gate and Nakamise Street (仲見世通り), and take pictures (プリクラ; Purikura) in a Japanese photo booth.

    The tour is held every weekday from 11:00am and 3:00pm and is great for kids as well as adults!

    Booking details: Take an exciting tour in Tokyo dressed as a ninja!

    31. Visit the Kappabashi Kitchen Street and Make Your Own Food

    Japanische Kchenmesser in der Kappabashi Strae in Tokyo

    If you’re interested in cooking, the Kappabashi Street is within walking distance from Asakusa and sells many kitchen items such as knives, refrigerators, and other tools. In this tour, you can make your own food samples as well as browsing the items on offer.

    Booking details: Visit Kappabashi street and make food samples with a guide

    Asakusa Tours for Those Who Also Want to Go to Other Areas

    You may want to see Asakusa as part of a longer tour. Tokyo is jam-packed with things to do and see, so sometimes it’s better to organize a day where you can see two or more areas. Check out these things to do in Asakusa and beyond!

    32. See Skytree and Asakusa in One Day


    This tour takes you on a bus to see some of Tokyo’s sites like the Imperial Palace (皇居), Ginza (銀座) and Akihabara (秋葉原) before taking you to the Tembo Deck (天望デッキ) in Tokyo Skytree (東京スカイツリー) and to Asakusa. Relax and be guided to the best spots in Tokyo.

    Booking details: Explore Tokyo SkyTree and Asakusa Sensoji Temple, Tokyo!

    33. Tour Tokyo While Practicing Your Language Skills

    Kaminarimon Gate in Asakusa , Tokyo tourist attraction

    If you’re learning Japanese or English, this tour offers a visit to Tsukiji Fish Market and Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa to practice your language skills! The guide will give you many opportunities to get used to speaking Japanese, or practice your English with tourists. The tour is very flexible so it can suit any schedule. Half-day tours are also available.

    Booking details: Tour Tokyo while practicing your Japanese or English skills!

    34. Take a Full-Day Tokyo Tour from Yokohama Port

    Parked car and Rainbow Bridge at night in Tokyo

    If you’re taking the cruise ship to Yokohama Port (横浜港), there’s an excellent tour of Tokyo that picks you up from the port and takes you to all the best sightseeing spots in Tokyo, including Asakusa.

    This seven-hour tour is by car, saving you having to navigate the railway system or spend time finding sightseeing spots on a map. If you’re completely new to Tokyo and would prefer seeing all the best spots with a professional guide by car, this tour is for you.

    Booking details: Shore excursion from Yokohama Port to Tokyo

    35. See Ueno and Asakusa in a One-Day Tour


    It’s great when you can find a tour that covers more than one area. If you’re interested in seeing both Asakusa and Ueno (上野), check out this tour. In just two hours, you can see Ueno’s shopping street, the Kappabashi kitchen tools street, and the road leading up to Asakusa Temple.

    Booking details: Explore Ueno & Asakusa in a 2-hour tour

    36. Take a Boat from Asakusa to Odaiba

    Experience Japan from the historical to modern with a tour of Asakusa and a pleasant boat ride to Odaiba (お台場) all included in this trip! Buy souvenirs and see Asakusa’s important historical sites, and compare it to the lively Odaiba with its stunning view of Tokyo city from the ferris wheel.

    Booking details: Discover Tokyo from past to future: Asakusa to Odaiba tour

    37. Visit 3 of Tokyo’s Best Shopping Streets


    For shopaholics, this tour is a must! A guide will show you the three best shopping streets in Tokyo, including Nakamise Street in Asakusa. The tour guide also has a high-quality camera and will take pictures for you as a free bonus.

    Booking details: Visit three of Tokyo’s most famous shopping streets!

    38. Take a Tour to See Asakusa and More


    This tour offers a bus tour and a bay cruise, including Meiji Shrine (明治神宮), the Imperial Palace East Gardens and a view of the Hamarikyu Gardens (浜離宮庭園) from on top of a seaside hotel. If you’d like to see the above places as well as a tour of Asakusa, this tour is for you!

    Booking details: Panoramic Tokyo Bus Tour with Lunch and Bay Cruise

    39. Take a Photo Tour

    If you’re planning to take lots of photographs of your trip, consider taking a special photography tour of Tokyo. You’ll start in Asakusa, and make your way to Ueno. Your guide will give you tips on how to snap great pictures, and even help you create your own itinerary beforehand.

    Booking details: Discover Tokyo on a Classic Photo Tour

    40. Take a Tour of Asakusa and Nihonbashi on a Bicycle


    If you love cycling and want to see Asakusa, consider taking this special tour to see Tokyo on a bike! This tour offers many packages, so take a look and see which one would suit you best.

    Booking details: Enjoy a full-day cycling sightseeing tour of Tokyo!

    41. Take a 5-Day All-Inclusive Package Tour with a Day Trip to Hakone


    If you’d like to be able to relax and let a guide take care of your entire trip, this package deal is for you. With this deal, you will be transferred from the airport to your hotel (as long as you’re staying in Tokyo), and take you on tours on each day of your trip. These include all the must-see spots in Tokyo such as Tsukiji, Asakusa, the Imperial Palace, Shinjuku (新宿), Shibuya (渋谷), and Harajuku. On the 4th day, you will also get to visit Hakone (箱根) for a special day trip. Check out this 5-day tour!

    Booking details: Tokyo Guided Tour – 5 day Affordable Package

    42. Book a Tokyo 5-day Package Tour with a Day Trip to Mt. Fuji


    This similar trip also offers airport transfer and a trip to Hakone, but also includes a trip to Mt. Fuji (富士山) and a ride on the Komagatake Ropeway (駒ケ岳ロープウェイ)! If you’d like to see Fuji up close and take a cruise on Lake Ashi (芦ノ湖), consider this tour!

    Booking details: Avail a Tokyo 5-day Package Tour with a day trip to Hakone

    43. Take an All-Included Tour with a trip to Fuji Q Highland Theme Park


    This 5-day tour includes a trip to Fuji Q Highland (富士急ハイランド) Theme Park, and a trip to locations such as Odaiba, Shinjuku, and Asakusa. An airport transfer is also included.

    Booking details: Discover Tokyo in an affordable 5-day package tour!

    44. Try a 1-Day Tokyo Tour with an English-Speaking Guide, Lunch Included!

    Tokyo tour

    If you have a day free in Tokyo and you’re wondering where are the best places to go, try this day tour with an English-speaking guide. They will show you great locations such as Meiji Shrine, Tokyo Tower (東京タワー), Sensoji Temple and even a cruise down Sumida River (隅田川). This is great during cherry blossom season (mid-March to mid-April) when you can see the flowers bloom over the river.

    Booking details: Grand Tour of Tokyo Highlights with English Guide, Tokyo!

    With these 44 things to do in and around Asakusa, your to-do list is surely getting long! Don’t miss out on one of Tokyo’s most charming districts and all it has to offer You can also get private transport from Haneda Airport if needed. Visiting a new country is an exciting and often eye-opening experience, so be sure to explore as much history, culture and cuisine and more during your trip as you can!

    For more things to do in other areas, check this list out!
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