On the Lookout for Japanese Artisanal Products? Drop by TOKYO FANTASTIC OMOTESANDO

  • If you are looking for a cute craft store that sells Japan-made objects to add to your daily life or get as a souvenir, try visiting TOKYO FANTASTIC OMOTESANDO (トーキョーファンタスティック表参道). This shop features products made by craftsmen and artisans from across the country.



    Located just three minutes away from Omotesando Station (表参道駅), TOKYO FANTASTIC OMOTESANDO is the perfect place to come face to face with various Japanese art cultures. There are products such as glasses, ceramics, paper cut arts, accessories, etc. The entrance of the shop is decorated with items from Tida Flower (ティダフラワー). There are beautiful dry flower wreaths, flower bottles, colorful cacti, and various succulents – all in order to offer a green-filled everyday life.

    The items gathered in the shop are specifically chosen by the owner to spread the wonderful modern culture of Japanese arts and crafts. They are chosen according to the four seasons of Japan and with the concept of “enjoying Japan” in mind.” Many of the products are collaboration items between TOKYO FANTASTIC OMOTESANDO and individual artisans.

    TOKYO FANTASTIC Chopsticks


    These original chopsticks from TOKYO FANTASTIC are either made from Japanese cypress or Japanese cherry birch. Each one is cut into four different styles. These wooden chopsticks complement the glass chopstick rests that are also available in store.

    Glass&Art MOMO Glass Chopstick Rests


    These chopstick rests are collaborations with the glass studio, Glass&Art MOMO. They have been collaborating with TOKYO FANTASTIC OMOTESANDO since it opened and their products have always been some of the most popular items in the shop. Their modern yet traditional glass designs have always captured the hearts of customers.

    Tida Flower Collaboration


    Another popular collaborating brand at TOKYO FANTASTIC OMOTESANDO is Tida Flower. All of the items from Tida Flower are specially designed by a flower designer.

    All of the dried flowers from Tida Flower are made without any artificial coloring. Their dried flower bottles, bouquets, and wreaths are extremely popular on social media for their simple and pleasing aesthetic.

    Their dry flower wreaths and interior greens add a nice touch of nature to any kind of space, whether indoors or outdoors. The dried flower bottles are absolutely wonderful as interior decor or seasonal gifts to friends and family. You can order them and have them delivered anywhere in Japan, especially if you are looking to send them as gifts to friends or family far away.

    You can also make your own arrangement of flower bottles, bouquets, wreathes, plant hangers, etc. if you purchase some of the dried flowers on their own and arrange them into these objects as a DIY project.

    Kanako Yaguchi (矢口加奈子) Collaboration


    One of the individual artists that TOKYO FANTASTIC is collaborating with is Kanako Yaguchi. She is a paper cut artist who creates delicate and gorgeous pieces of paper cut designs. Her paper cut designs are printed onto various items such as bags, pillows, mugs, plates, etc. Her designs have a traditional Japanese feel while still being extremely modern.

    There is also an event space within the store where collaborating artists and companies occasionally hold workshops for guests, so be sure to check out TOKYO FANTASTIC’s website to see if there are any that you might be interested in!

    If you are keen on looking at and taking home some Japanese artisanal products, be sure to check out TOKYO FANTASTIC OMOTESANDO. Its convenient location in Omotesando right next to Shibuya (渋谷) makes it a prime place to visit if you are in the area.


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