30 Things to Do in Ginza, the Most Glamorous and Stylish District in Tokyo!

  • Located in Tokyo (東京)’s Chuo Ward (中央区), Ginza (銀座) is one of the city’s most famous upmarket shopping and entertainment districts. Within its boundary are many department stores, high-end boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, cafes, clubs – anything you could possibly want!

    On weekend afternoons from 12:00pm to 5:00pm (until 6:00pm from April to September), Ginza’s main shopping street, the Chuo-dori (中央通り), is closed to traffic to make way for the “pedestrian paradise”.

    Home to the world’s largest UNIQLO (ユニクロ), the Kabukiza (歌舞伎座) Theatre, and a number of Michelin-starred restaurants, Ginza has even more to offer. Here are 30 things to do in the glitzy district of Ginza!

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    1. Try a Japanese Tea Ceremony

    traditional beauty of tea ceremony Japan

    While in Ginza, you can take up the opportunity to experience a real Japanese tea ceremony, where you can learn all about this art and even make your own matcha (抹茶)! This affordable and enjoyable experience is not to be missed by Japanese culture fans.

    Booking details: Enjoy an Elegant Tea Ceremony Experience in Ginza, Tokyo

    2. Enjoy Japanese Izakaya dishes with Local People


    Izakaya (居酒屋), or Japanese pubs, are widely spread across Ginza. If you have always been hesitant to try eating at one because you’re intimated by the menu and know zero Japanese, there’s no need to worry as you will be guided by a local. You’ll be able to meet new friends, try new food, and know how to order at an izakaya with this tour!

    Booking details: Enjoy Japanese Dishes with Locals at an Izakaya in Tokyo!

    3. Step into the World of Alice in Wonderland

    Japan is known for its many themed cafes and restaurants. Feel like Alice from Alice in Wonderland by visiting the restaurant called “Alice in a Labyrinth (迷宮の国のアリス)” in Ginza, where you can enjoy food and drinks based on Alice’s world. This activity is especially recommended for those with children, though adult Disney fans are welcome too!

    Booking details: Reservation for Alice’s Cafes in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya

    4. Get Your Hair Cut by a Star Stylist


    The Japanese sport some great hairstyles, from classy bobs to pink locks in pigtails. What better way to fit in than getting yourself a haircut from a Japanese hairdresser?

    Unless your Japanese skills are top notch, walking into any old hairdresser’s could leave you with devastating results. Chiaki Horikawa (堀川 智明)’s salon is a rare find in Japan with professional stylists and bilingual staff. Whether you just want your hair cut or styled, or you want to branch out and get a color or perm, you’re in safe hands with Horikawa.

    Booking details: Star Style Hair Design in Ginza

    5. Join a Nighttime Walking Food Tour


    Better prepare your comfy shoes and big appetite as you’ll need it! Go on a Tokyo walking food tour at night to explore the city’s flavors. The tour will start in Yurakucho (有楽町) and continue in Ginza before it ends in Shimbashi (新橋). You can cover a good portion of the city’s yummy eateries this way.

    Booking details: Tokyo Walking Food Tour at Night

    6. Try the Japanese Entertainment “Pachinko”


    Although gambling is, interestingly, illegal in Japan, the classic game of Pachinko (パチンコ) is still a popular pastime for adults. Why not try out one of Ginza’s glamorous pachinko parlors and find out why it’s so popular? This tour takes you to a recommended location and teaches you how to play!

    Booking details: Try the Japanese entertainment “Pachinko” in Tokyo!

    7. Wear a Kimono and Get Your Photo Taken


    Ginza also offers the fantastic experience of wearing a kimono (着物). You will be taught how to wear one properly, and have your picture taken wearing this traditional Japanese garment.

    Booking details: Learn how to wear kimono and get photographed in Ginza!

    8. Learn Healthy Cooking from a Japanese Mother


    Are you curious about real Japanese home cooking but not sure where to start? Very close to Ginza, you can see how a Japanese housewife cooks delicious and healthy “washoku (和食)”, or homemade Japanese food, and even have a go at making it yourself!

    Booking details: Learn healthy cooking from a Japanese mother near Ginza

    9. Visit the Vampire Cafe

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    If themed cafes are your thing, you can’t miss the Vampire Cafe (ヴァンパイアカフェ) in Ginza! With spooky decor, unique food and different types of themed rooms, this is a must-see if you enjoy gothic and Halloween-esque culture!

    Booking details: Reservation for the Vampire Castle in Ginza

    10. Try Japanese Tea and Calligraphy


    You can also learn the art of “shodo (書道)”, or Japanese calligraphy while tasting delicious Japanese matcha! This tour offers a calligraphy lesson, a souvenir of your work, a small tea ceremony and trying Japanese “wagashi (和菓子)”, or traditional confectionary. Book this tour for these great things all wrapped up in one day!

    Booking details: Discover Japan’s traditional tea and calligraphy in Ginza

    11. Learn How to Make Sushi From a Professional Chef


    If you’re interested in how the Japanese prepare their sushi (寿司), there is a class in Ginza where you can learn how to properly season rice, cut fish slices at the appropriate size and shape, and use nori (海苔) seaweed to create the perfect sushi. This event is family-friendly, so feel free to bring your children along so they can learn how this delicious Japanese dish is made!

    Booking details: Learn How to Make Sushi From a Professional Chef

    12. Take a Guided Tour of Ginza

    Ginza in Tokyo

    To explore Ginza with complete peace of mind, consider taking a guided tour of the area with a guide. They can show you the best spots such as shops and art galleries, saving you time that you might spend looking at maps.

    Booking details: Guided Tour of Ginza

    13. Chat over Coffee with a Japanese Businesswoman


    When you visit a new country, it’s great when you have a chance to meet local people. Why not chat with a Japanese local and get a feel for the country from a native’s perspective?

    Booking details: Chat over Coffee with a Japanese Businesswoman

    14. Find Your Favorite Art Gallery in Ginza


    There are a lot of art galleries in Ginza, and this tour introduces you to a number of them in a short time, helping you to decide which one you like best. Save time and have a culture-filled day with a local who really knows what they’re doing.

    Booking details: Find your Favorite Art Gallery in Ginza

    15. Enjoy Japanese Sake and Food Culture


    There is a hidden sake (酒) bar in Ginza greatly enjoyed by locals. In this tour, you will meet a local in Ginza (or they can pick you up at your hotel) and you can visit the bar to try over 140 kinds of sake at the guide’s recommendation! If you’re interested in Japanese sake, definitely try this out and take the chance to meet local sake lovers.

    Booking details: Enjoy Japanese sake and food culture in Ginza, Tokyo

    16. Get a Special Spa Treatment


    If you’re in need of some serious rejuvenation, consider getting a special spa treatment in Ginza, including a facial, skin diagnosis and a delicious lunch included! You’ll also get some product recommendations for your skin type and professional advice.

    Booking details: Get a facial massage and skin diagnosis in Ginza, Tokyo

    17. Join a Unique Ginza Architecture Tour


    A must-see for those interested in architecture is the historical sites located in Ginza. Let a guide show you the history of the demolition and rebuilding of different areas and a display of historical and modern works in this beautiful area.

    If you’d like to expand your tour beyond Ginza, consider taking the tour of Tokyo’s modern and traditional architecture highlights to see the best of the whole city.

    Booking details: Join a Unique Ginza Architecture Tour

    18. Experience Kabuki, Japanese Traditional Theater


    With this tour, you can see the best spots in the Ginza area and see a kabuki (歌舞伎) act. An English translating device is included so you can understand the story. If you’re interested in experiencing Kabuki like a native, consider booking this tour!

    Booking details: Enjoy Kabuki and Japanese Traditional Culture in Ginza

    19. Experience “Ikebana”, a Flower Arrangement Class


    Ginza is just bursting with cultural experiences, and this is no different. Ikebana (生け花), or flower arrangement, is a long-standing tradition that is said to help people heal mentally and help them find their inner peace. Try “ikebana” in Ginza!

    Booking details: Experience Ikebana, a Flower Arrangement Class!

    20. Enjoy Coffee and Drinks at the Historic Bar Lupin

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    For a break from sightseeing and a little look into the history of Japan’s creative men and women, you should take a break at Bar Lupin, a cafe and bar in the heart of Ginza.

    This cafe has been a Ginza establishment since 1928 and has been known for attracting many of the artists of Tokyo. Nowadays you can go in for a daytime coffee or a nighttime drink, and enjoy the 1920’s interiors and conversational atmosphere in this venue. The bar also hands out pamphlets in English detailing the history of the place!

    Website*Japanese Only

    21. Visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Museum

    For something a little bit different, you should make some time to visit the Police Museum. Situated in Ginza near to Kyobashi Station, the museum is great for people who have an interest in policing history or just like people in uniforms!

    This place is especially fun for families, as kids can dress in police uniforms and even board a helicopter! It has exhibits detailing the history of policing in Japan and is actually quite interesting with some great displays. The admission is free, so it’s also good for a cheap afternoon or a rainy day!


    Ginza Tours for Those Who Also Want to Go to Other Areas

    Ginza is a fantastic place to visit, and there are also many experiences waiting for you that include Ginza as well as other places! Check out the below tours and tickets!

    22. Join an All-Inclusive Culture Experience Program


    There is a tour that is perfect for you if you’d like to experience a tea ceremony, kimono, calligraphy, and Japanese sword fighting all in one! This tour offers several popular aspects of Japanese culture all in one day, so you can taste a bit of everything!

    Booking details: Join our all-inclusive Japanese culture experience program

    23. Japan Tour Package Deal! Tokyo to Osaka in a 6-day holiday


    This affordable tour offers not only Ginza and Tokyo, but Osaka (大阪) too! You can take a tour of Tokyo’s most charming spots such as Ryogoku (両国), Asakusa (浅草) and Tsukiji Fish Market (築地市場), then head to Mt. Fuji (富士山) for some picture perfect spots. After that, you can ride a bullet train to Osaka and even get a day tour of Kyoto (京都)! If you’d like to see a chunk of Japan at an affordable price, try out this tour!

    Booking details: Japan Tour Package Deal! Tokyo to Osaka in a 6-day holiday

    24. Go Running in Ginza and Tsukiji


    If you enjoy running and you’re interested in seeing Tokyo in a different way, consider taking a running tour! A local guide will show you all the best spots including Ginza, Tsukiji, and Nippon Bridge (日本橋). The tour is offered even if it rains a little (though you can cancel if you prefer). Join to see Tokyo and stay active at the same time.

    Booking details: Let’s Go Running in the Center of Tokyo, Ginza & Tsukiji!

    25. Take a One-Day Trip Around the Best Spots in Tokyo

    Tokyo tour

    If you’d like to see Tokyo’s best spots in one day then consider taking a one-day trip with a guide so you don’t miss anything. The below tour includes Tokyo Skytree (東京スカイツリー), Asakusa, the Imperial Palace (皇居), Meiji-Jingu (明治神宮) Shrine and, of course, Ginza.

    Booking details: Take a one-day trip around the best spots in Tokyo

    26. Take a Shore Excursion from Yokohama Port to Tokyo

    Parked car and Rainbow Bridge at night in Tokyo

    If you are taking the cruise ship to Yokohama (横浜), there’s a great tour that picks you up from Yokohama port and shows you round Tokyo in the comfort of a car. If you’re going to be in Yokohama port, consider booking this so you can see the best spots of Asakusa, Akihabara (秋葉原), Ginza and more with a guide.

    Booking details: Shore excursion from Yokohama Port to Tokyo

    27. Take a Cherry Blossom Bus Tour in Sakura Season


    If you visit Japan during late March or early April, you’ll likely be able to see the famous cherry blossoms blooming all over the country. This is one of the favorite times in Japan due to the fact that these precious flowers don’t bloom for very long – several weeks at most. You can take a bus tour to the best spots in Tokyo, including famous places such as the Kabuki theater and shopping street in Ginza before you go.

    Booking details: Cherry Blossom Tour – Half Day Sakura Highlights by Bus

    28. Enjoy a Full-Day Cycling Sightseeing Tour


    This is for people who would prefer to see Tokyo on a bicycle rather than on foot or on a bus. This full-day tour offers different schedules, most of which include Ginza, so you can choose the package which suits you best.

    Booking details: Enjoy a full-day cycling sightseeing tour of Tokyo!

    29. Ride the Tokyo Sky Bus on a Tour around Tokyo


    There are times when you might prefer to see a city without having to walk, and if that’s the case, it might be a good idea to take a special bus tour so you can see Tokyo in the comfort of your own seat. The bus tour includes Ginza, the Rainbow Bridge (レインボーブリッジ) near Odaiba (お台場), the imperial palace and Tokyo Tower (東京タワー), depending on which course you select.

    Booking details: Ride the Tokyo Sky Bus on a Tour around Tokyo

    30. Get a Complete Health Care Package


    For women in Tokyo, you can get a complete health care package which includes a medical check-up, a check to help your body repel diseases, and a vitamin C drip to help improve your overall health. This is offered at a special price and is especially for women who want to check and improve their health.

    Booking details: Reserve a Complete Health-care Package for Women in Tokyo!

    With such a lively district bursting with exciting things to do, Ginza should definitely be on your must-go list! If you need transport to or from Haneda Airport (羽田空港), consider booking the transfer shuttle service. Experience everything you can during your visit, appreciate Japanese history and art, and make the most of your trip!

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