30 Things to Do in Shibuya, Tokyo’s Fashionable Metropolis

  • Shibuya is one of Tokyo’s main districts, home to countless department stores, restaurants, clubs, love hotels, and karaoke parlors. If you visit Tokyo, spending time in Shibuya is a definite must-see place! Although partying and shopping are great choices, they aren’t the only things to do. Here are 30 things to do in Shibuya, one of the coolest districts in Tokyo!

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    1. Dress in a Kimono and Take Pictures at Shibuya Crossing


    There is a fantastic opportunity to dress in a kimono and get your photograph taken at Shibuya Crossing, or the “scramble”, one of the most famous and busy crossings in the world! Have a unique photoshoot of mixing old and new Japan and make unforgettable memories! If you’d like to see the whole of Tokyo, there is a full Tokyo tour, too.

    Booking details: Dress in Kimono and take Pictures at the Shibuya crossing

    2. Visit an Izakaya with Locals


    If you’re not proficient in the local language, it can be easy to stick with restaurants that look tourist and English-friendly; however, are you getting a real local experience? Luckily, in Shibuya you can meet a local person who will take you to a real Japanese pub, called an “izakaya”, recommend dishes you may not have tried before, and show you how ordinary Japanese people party! If you’d like to immerse yourself in the culture while you’re here, check out this tour!

    Booking details: Enjoy Japanese Dishes with Locals at an Izakaya in Tokyo!

    3. Make Your Own Wagashi


    “Wagashi” are Japanese traditional sweets often served with green tea, made from rice cakes and sweet red bean paste. The sweetness of the wagashi compliments the bitterness of the tea. In Shibuya, there’s a chance for you to make some of these sweets with a local person! Learn more about Japanese confectionary and take some home as souvenirs.

    Booking details: Make Wagashi! Traditional Japanese Sweets in Tokyo

    4. Visit the Alice in Wonderland Cafe

    If you love Disney, you’d adore this sweet Alice in Wonderland-themed cafe! There are several in Tokyo, and the Shibuya one is called “Alice in a Dancing Land”. Reserve your seats here, and step into the wonderful and weird land!

    Booking details: Reservation for Alice’s Cafes in Tokyo

    5. Shibuya Evening Walking Food Tour


    Stomach rumbling? Not sure what to do for dinner? Why not take a special walking food tour, where you can taste various kinds of street food, try dishes found off the beaten path, and be shown all the best places by a local? Better prepare a huge appetite, because this 3-hour tour will surely satisfy your craving for authentic Japanese food!

    Booking details: Go Out on a Shibuya Evening Walking Food Tour!

    6. Rock Bar in Shibuya


    If you’re a fan of rock music, you may be interested in checking out a rock bar in Shibuya. You can request your favorite music and meet other music fans. You can check it out by yourself or try the below, where a local person will take you there and also to Tower Records music shop!

    Booking details: Go to a Rock Bar in Shibuya and Make Local Music Friends

    7. Go Shopping with a Guide in Shibuya and Aoyama

    Women are choosing clothes with friends

    Shibuya is a fantastic place to go shopping! There are countless international and local stores selling clothes, video games, music and more. Because it’s such a large district and it’s quite easy to get lost, consider going with a local guide who can help you buy train tickets, take you out to lunch and recommend great fashion and accessories.

    Booking details: Explore Stylish Shops in Shibuya & Aoyama with a Local Guide

    8. Get Your Nails Done, Japanese Style!


    Nail art is very popular in Japan, and new and exciting designs are constantly being made! Popular Japan-themed nails include sushi, Hello Kitty, traditional kimono patterns, and more! If you’d like to try getting a really nail art experience, consider the package deal below. You can choose from over 100 patterns or even design your own if you’re feeling creative!

    Booking details: Japanese artistic nail art experience in Shibuya

    9. Take a Japanese Cooking Class


    If you love Japanese food so much that you just want to take it home with you, why not take a cooking class and learn how to make your favorite dishes? Cook a main dish, two side dishes, miso soup and rice, then finish it off with some delicious Japanese green tea and a dessert!

    Booking details: Join an Authentic Japanese Cooking Class in Shibuya, Tokyo

    10. Have a Samurai Photoshoot with the Kill Bill Choreographer


    In Shibuya, there’s a great chance to dress as a samurai and get a photo shoot of you and others in various fighting poses! The samurai armor is authentic, and you can print your unique photos onto mugs and t-shirts to make unique souvenirs. Best of all, the person in charge of it all was a choreographer for Kill Bill! If you’d like to join this exciting experience, check it out!

    Booking details: Samurai Photoshoot with the Kill Bill Choreographer!

    11. Take a 3-Hour Shopping Tour


    Shopping in Shibuya isn’t all fashion and clothes – there are plenty of music, book and DVD shops, too. On this 3-hour morning tour, you can see all the best places to get everyday goods, used clothes. Your guide will also introduce you to their favorite cafe.

    Booking details: Explore Shibuya for shopping in 3 hours

    12. Experience a Tea Ceremony

    traditional beauty of tea ceremony Japan

    The Japanese tea ceremony is one of Japan’s precious and rather complicated cultures. In Shibuya, you can experience a real tea ceremony, though the guide emphasizes that it is not as strict as some others, meaning you can just relax and enjoy it. Kimonos are provided (though for men only; women won’t be able to dress up but can still take part in the ceremony). You can even make your own matcha!

    Booking details: Experience a Japanese Tea Ceremony in Shibuya, Tokyo

    13. Try “Ikebana”, Japanese Flower Arrangement


    Ikebana (生け花) is another of Japan’s important traditions, and in Tokyo you can experience it yourself! Learn some history of flower arranging and have a go at it yourself. You don’t need to take anything as the teacher will provide everything you’ll need. Immerse yourself in local culture and try it!

    Booking details: Experience Ikebana, a Flower Arrangement Class!

    14. Spend Time with a Local


    There is also the chance to meet up with a local person and talk or ask them anything you’d like about Japan! Make a new friend in Tokyo, and learn local knowledge from a native that you won’t find in guidebooks!

    Booking details: Share Stories with a Japanese Woman Over Coffee!

    15. Have Your Senses Awakened with Dialog in the Dark


    Dialog in the Dark is a unique experience originally started to raise awareness for the visually impaired. This unique tour will awaken your other senses as they take you on a journey where you can’t rely on your eyesight. Try out this unique experience in Shibuya by reserving tickets below.

    Booking details: Get Tickets for Dialog in the Dark

    16. See the Hachiko Statue

    Hachiko was an Akita dog who, in the 1920s and ’30s, gained fame after waiting every day at Shibuya Station for his master to return home from work. Even after his master died suddenly, Hachiko still faithfully waited every day for nine years until he died in 1935. The love and loyalty of this trusty canine inspired the creation of the Hachiko Statue, one of the most photographed spots in Shibuya.

    Hachiko is located between the Scramble crossing and the station, supposedly close to where Hachiko loyally waited for his master. Be sure to check it out; if you’re lucky, you might see the cat that sometimes ventures there to sit between Hachiko’s paws.


    17. Party at a Nightclub

    If you love to dance the night away and you’re looking for a fun location to drink, dance, and enjoy club music, Shibuya is the district for you. Popular nightclubs include TK Shibuya, WOMB, and Club Camelot. They are all within walking distance from the station, and the handy central location of Shibuya ensures you can catch the last train back to your hotel without much trouble.

    Shibuya Tours for Those Who Also Want to Go to Other Areas

    Although Shibuya is a great place to visit, there are countless other areas in Tokyo that offer unique experiences and opportunities. For tours that offer various areas including Shibuya, check these out below!

    18. Have a Fun Night Out with a Local


    Japan is indeed full of cultural experiences and rich history, but that doesn’t mean local people don’t know how to have a great night out! Shibuya is one of the best places to go if you’re looking to eat, drink, and party the night away. A local will show you their favorite spots, adjust the night according to your wishes, and ensure you have a great night you won’t easily forget.

    Booking details: Spend an Exciting Night Out in Tokyo!

    19. Tour Popular Places with a Local


    If you’d like to see Tokyo from a local person’s perspective, consider trying the tour below. You can choose and combine several types of places from the list, including Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ueno, Asakusa, the Imperial Palace, and many more. Book for your most desired areas and let the guide do the rest!

    Booking details: Tour all the popular places in Tokyo with a local!

    20. Visit the Filming Locations of the Hit TV Drama “Born For You”


    The romantic drama Born For You, set in Japan, is an extremely popular Filipino TV series. There’s a chance to visit the Japanese filming locations! Definitely check it out if you’re a fan of Born For You!

    Booking details: Visit the Film Locations of Born for You in Japan

    21. Shore Excursion from Yokohama Port to Tokyo

    Parked car and Rainbow Bridge at night in Tokyo

    If you’re taking the cruise ship to Yokohama Port and would like to see Shibuya, among other places, on a day trip, there’s a fantastic excursion to go around Tokyo by car, visiting must-see places including various locations in Harajuku, Shibuya, Ginza, and Tokyo Tower. Alternatively, you can just book transport from Yokohama Port to Tokyo.

    Booking details: Shore excursion from Yokohama Port to Tokyo

    22. Music Experience/Tour


    If you’re into Japanese and Korean music, definitely don’t miss out on all the amazing music shops Harajuku has to offer! This tour offers a tour of all the best places across Harajuku and Shin-Okubo, as well as any live events you’re interested in attending.

    Booking details: Music Experience around Tokyo

    23. Harajuku to Shibuya Private Walking Tour


    Harajuku is another great place to visit while you’re in Japan. With its “kawaii” (cute) culture, crazy fashions and number of animal cafes, it’s a cool place to go and submerge yourself in Japanese pop culture. This tour offers a day out that includes both Harajuku and Shibuya, so you can enjoy them both in one trip.

    Booking details: Harajuku – Shibuya Private Walking Tour

    West side of Tokyo walking tour

    Tokyo tour

    You can mix up Harajuku with historical sites on a special walking tour that takes you to various popular locations on the west side of Tokyo. You can also adjust the schedule to fit your needs and interests.

    Booking details: One Day Walking Tour of West Side of Tokyo!

    25. Take an All-Included Tour with a trip to Fuji Q Highland Theme Park


    This 5-day tour includes a trip to Fuji Q Highland Theme Park, and a trip to locations such as Harajuku, Odaiba, and Asakusa. An airport transfer is also included.

    Booking details: Discover Tokyo in an affordable 5-day package tour!

    26. See Meiji Jingu Shrine and the Imperial Palace Gardens


    Meiji Shrine is in Shibuya Ward and is home to the tallest torii gate in Japan. It is also the burial grounds of one of Japan’s old emperors. You can see this shrine and the famous Imperial Palace gardens on the below tour.

    Booking details: Explore Meiji Jingu shrine and the Imperial Palace in Tokyo!

    27. Take a Bus Tour with Lunch and a Bay Cruise


    This tour combines an information-packed bus tour to see some of Tokyo’s best sights including Sensoji Temple, Meiji Shrine, the Imperial Palace Gardens and Hamarikyu Garden with a bay cruise. If you’d like to see a lot of Tokyo and ride a ferry, this tour is for you.

    Booking details: Panoramic Tokyo Bus Tour with Lunch and Bay Cruise

    28. Take a Half-Day Tour of Tokyo with an English Guide


    This tour is similar to the one above, except it only runs until 1:00pm, giving you the afternoon to explore by yourself. Consider taking this half-day tour so you don’t miss anything, but still have time to spend the rest of the day in a place of your choice.

    Booking details: Enjoy Half-Day Tour of Best Tokyo Spots with English Guide!

    29. Get a Hotel and Tour Package Deal in Tokyo


    This tour includes a transfer from Haneda Airport or Narita Airport, a 3-night accommodation with breakfast, and a half-day walking tour with an English-speaking guide. The other two days are free, so there is some flexibility with this tour. With this package deal, you don’t have to worry about traveling to and from the airport, or about finding a good hotel!

    Booking details: Enjoy Tokyo in a free & easy package

    30. Avail a Tokyo 5-Day Package Tour with a Trip to Hakone


    If you’d like a short break in Tokyo with everything taken care of, why not save money and time by booking a complete package deal? The following tour includes hotel transfers (if your hotel is in the Tokyo metropolitan area), an east-Tokyo walking tour, a Hakone and Mt. Fuji tour including a boat cruise, and a lot more!

    Booking details: Avail a Tokyo 5-day Package Tour with a day trip to Hakone

    There are many other services offered for your trip to Tokyo that are worth taking note of. For example, book your Haneda to Tokyo airport transfer if you’d like to get from the airport to your hotel stress-free. There is also the essential Suica card for riding Japanese trains, or an unlimited subway travel pass if you’d prefer.

    Visiting Japan is a fantastic experience, and with these 30 things to do, your visit will be anything but boring! Shop until you drop, learn about Japanese culture and most importantly, have a great time.

    For more things to do in other areas, check this list out!
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