A Whole Island for Cats in Japan? Find Out About the Proposed “Kitty Paradise”

  • Cats are adorable creatures. You can find them anywhere across Japan. Some of them belong to families and cat cafes, while others just stray. When a feline cannot find a home, sometimes they are euthanized. To prevent this from happening, Neco Republic (ネコリパブリック), a cat cafe, tries to save these homeless felines and gives them a home. They have been spreading the word of rescue cats and have recently planned on putting all of them on an island. This “Kitty Paradise (猫島)” will be made possible through a crowdfunding project which will be promoted through the Kibidango (きびだんご) website. Let’s learn more about it!

    Rescuing Cats in Japan


    Japanese people normally love cats to the point of obsession. However, not everyone has the time to take care of them due to their tight schedules. It is said that in the past, a large number of cats were being put down by the Japanese government on a daily basis. But thankfully, Neco Republic has put an end to all that.

    Neco Republic takes care of cats that have been abandoned on the streets or shelters and places them into their cat cafes located in different places. You can find one in Tokyo (東京). Their cafes will allow you to feed cats and take care of them just like your very own. They are also selling cat-related items so if you are interested, do try to drop by one of their cafes.

    Neco Republic Website *Japanese only

    The Proposed “Kitty Paradise”


    It was merely just an April Fools’ Day joke when Neco Republic announced to the public that they will be raising funds in order to buy an uninhabited island where cats can freely roam. They were referring to the rescued cats in their cat cafes. However, it received positive feedback from many people which prompted the head, Asaka Nakama (河瀬麻花), to make the campaign a reality.

    The primary goal of this is to give cats the actual freedom they need and a proper home to sustain their lives. This way, humans can come in contact with them without getting stressed. They can also be properly cared for and provided with medical treatments if needed. There is an unofficial plan that social security, such as health insurance and pension system, will also be provided to the cats. They will also be provided with facilities such as shelters and outdoor cat gardens.

    The organization is seeking a total amount of 22 billion yen in order to materialize the plan. The project is asking for solicitations in monetary form from people who might be interested in it. The crowdfunding project will kick off as soon as its subscribers on the Kibidango website reach at least 10,000.

    The Kitty Paradise will be considered a nation island where cats occupy the highest social status. I think this is good news for serious cat lovers out there. It will also help lessen the number of cats roaming the streets of Japan. So if you’re interested in helping materialize the project and giving cats happy lives where they can rule the place, you may subscribe through the link below.

    Neco Republic “Kitty Paradise” on Kibidango *Japanese only

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