PABLO’s Uji Matcha Cheese Tart Is Back for a Limited Time to Grace Our Taste Buds!

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  • Yet again, PABLO’s (パブロ) famous Freshly Baked Uji Matcha Cheese Tart (焼きたて宇治抹茶チーズタルト) is back for a limited time! Among the special limited items in PABLO, this is probably the most awaited one. It is a seasonal tart which uses plenty of matcha in its ingredients. It has a fresh scent with a slightly bitter flavor mixed with the right amount of sweetness. This limited item will only be available until July 14, 2017. But first, let’s try to learn how this matcha cheese tart is created and perfected.

    About PABLO


    People say that no one makes better cheese tart than PABLO, one of the world’s most popular cheese tart specialist. Their cheese tarts are treated like steaks wherein the doneness comes in two forms: rare and medium. Their tarts are sweet fluffy cakes filled with cheesy, gooey goodness. PABLO offers premium and seasonal tarts and also serves coffee, minis, and smoothies.

    If you’re not a fan of cheese tarts, PABLO also serves various flavors of Sabrel cookies, such as Sabrel Cheese (サブレルチーズ) and Sabrel Cheese-Black (サブレルチーズ-ブラック), for cookie lovers. The Black one has a richer taste due to the truffle salt.

    There are many PABLO branches in Japan such as in the Kansai (関西), Chugoku (中国), and Kanto (関東) regions. It has even expanded to Taiwan, the Philippines, Korea, Indonesia, etc.

    About PABLO’s Uji Matcha Cheese Tart


    Green tea is one of the top choices of Japanese people when it comes to food and drinks. This is because it is known for having extraordinary qualities for keeping a person’s body cells from aging and has a therapeutic effect on people’s health. The Japanese also serve green tea when showing hospitality to guests.

    In 2016, PABLO offered their Uji Matcha Cheese Tart for a limited time, and they’re bringing it back this 2017!

    What makes this cheese tart interesting is one of its ingredients – the Uji matcha (宇治抹茶), a powdered green tea from the Uji area of Kyoto (京都). Uji in Kyoto is known for its tea, making it the perfect place to taste delicious matcha desserts.

    The Uji Matcha Cheese Tart also contains sweet red bean paste as well as balls of shiratama (白玉), a type of mochi (餅) which is also a traditional Japanese dessert. It is filled with creamy cheese and smells really good. The tart is so delicate and goes perfectly well with the shiratama balls. Its recipe is considered original and has been perfected over time.

    A 15-centimeter Uji Matcha Cheese Tart costs 1,111 yen in all PABLO stores around Japan. Do remember, though, that the tart’s quantity is limited and they may be easily sold out in the shops so it is better to visit at an earlier time if you plan on buying plenty of it.

    Many people around the world are clamoring to get a taste of this cheese tart. For a bittersweet taste of PABLO’s tarts, the matcha cheese tart is the best option. It is a must to try PABLO’s cheese tarts when you visit Japan, but if you’re not into matcha, there are several other flavors to try. Grab one now from your nearest PABLO store while they last!

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    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.

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