Appreciate the Arts This Golden Week by Visiting These 3 Exhibitions in Tokyo

  • For all culture lovers out there, here’s great news for you! Since Golden Week 2017 has already started, you may do a little bit of holiday escapism that can inspire and invigorate you. So if you happen to have no plans of going out this holiday, might as well visit some of Tokyo (東京) City’s cool art galleries to give you that creative lift. Here are three of the popular exhibits that are currently up for viewing in the area!

    1. Chanoyu (茶の湯): The Arts of Tea Ceremony, The Essence of Japan

    If you like the history of Japanese tea, then you better check this exhibit out at the Tokyo National Museum (東京国立博物館). This is considered to be the largest tea exhibition since 1980. From this, you’ll be able to witness how tea developed from the Muromachi period (室町時代) to the modern times. It will also help you learn how significant tea is for the Japanese and why it is one of the essential cultural assets in the country. Some of the things on display are tea ceremony cups, tools, and many more!

    The exhibit will be open until June 4, 2017. Admission fee is 1,600 yen for adults, 1,200 yen for university students, and 900 yen for high school students. No entrance fee will be asked of junior high school students and those under. Witness the unique aspect of Japanese culture through this exhibit!


    2. Murmur and Tumult: Masterpieces of Nabis from the Musée d’Orsay (オルセーのナビ派展:美の預言者たち ―ささやきとざわめき)


    Do you like French museums? Well, there’s no need to go to France if you’d like to try one. Head to Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum (三菱一号館美術館) to experience Musée d’Orsay, a museum in Paris, France and get transported to the urban France. Several works here represent the concept of Les Nabis, a group of Post-Impressionist avant-garde artists. Several of their works are related to fine arts and graphic arts in France. It is said that the group has been influenced by Japanese printmaking which they so admired. The exhibition features several portraits, paintings, and sculptures.

    The exhibit will be open until May 21, 2017. General admission fee is 1,700 yen, while admission for university and high school students is 1,000 yen, and 500 yen for junior high school and elementary students. It is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and closed on Mondays (except for May 15, 2017).

    Murmur and Tumult: Masterpieces of Nabis from the Musée d’Orsay Website

    3. Elizabeth Peyton: Still life


    Elizabeth Peyton is an American artist who has gained much attention for her sketches, paintings, and prints in the early 1990s. Her portraits are very charming, passionate, and come in different styles. Her works are now on display at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art (原美術館). You might get surprised that some of her portraits include popular celebrities, writers, and artists. The museum has a sculpture garden where you can just spend the afternoon having coffee while appreciating Elizabeth’s paintings and drawings. You’ll be able to witness 40 pictures which have been handpicked by the artist herself.

    This exhibit will only be available until May 7, 2017, so try to visit this place before Golden Week ends. General admission fee is 1,100 yen. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

    Elizabeth Peyton: Still life Website

    If you’re not busy this Golden Week, it would be best to look up these Tokyo exhibitions for a creative holiday. Spend the remaining days wandering in these three art galleries for you to gain a deeper knowledge of the different art forms which influenced Japanese history, society, and culture.

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