Things to Do in Nakano, Shinjuku’s Stylish Neighbor!

  • Nakano is a special ward near Shinjuku and is home to various places such as Nakano Sun Plaza and Nakano Broadway. Its convenient location in Tokyo makes it a great place to visit. Here are things to do in Nakano to make the most of your trip to Tokyo!

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    1. Experience Japanese Food Culture on a Restaurant Tour


    While in Tokyo, you just have to try the local food! This tour offers a walk around the Nakano area where you will visit recommended establishments to try sushi, okonomiyaki, sake, yakitori and more! This is a must-try for foodies who want to eat real Japanese street dishes!

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    2. Get Real Samurai and Ninja Training


    In a dojo in Nakano is a professional who will teach you real samurai and ninja techniques such as discovering your “inner body sense”. There is also a tryout with shurikens and a katana, a Japanese sword. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, book your tickets below!

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    3. Enjoy a Book at Nakano City Central Library

    If you are a book lover, you can head to Nakano City Central Library and relax with a book! This big library is known for having a fairly good selection of English books, so you could easily spend a few hours here just reading and unwinding!

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    4. Stroll Around Momijiyama Park

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    For a relaxing stroll and to get away from the busy streets of the city, you should go to the pretty Momijiyama Park. This peaceful and open space is about a five-minute walk from Nakano Station and has lovely trees, grass patches, flower beds, and ponds. This would be the ideal spot for a picnic or a walk.


    5. Visit Zenjoji Temple

    Zenjoji Temple is a very urban-style Buddhist temple located just a three-minute walk from Nakano Station. It is a nice place to reflect, pray, and take in the sights and sounds of an authentic Buddhist temple in Japan. People often come to pray here when passing and it is known as a temple popular among the locals.


    6. Shop in the Unique Nakano Broadway

    Nakano Broadway is a paradise for people who love manga, anime, retro comics, miniatures, books, video games, board games, electronics, and gadgets, among other items. This fascinating shopping complex is famous in Japan and just a short walk from Nakano Station.

    In the basement, they even have a huge marketplace selling groceries. This fantastic place is well worth a visit, and even if you don’t have a passion for manga and anime, you will surely enjoy just walking through it!


    7. Eat Takeout Sushi from Nakamura Suisan

    If you are looking for quality sushi at a very decent price, head to Nakamura Suisan. This is essentially a fish seller, but also sells amazing sushi bento boxes using only the freshest fish. You could grab one and take it away with you, and be able to enjoy amazing quality. This place is popular among locals, so if you are looking for food which is guaranteed to impress, take a trip here!


    8. Explore Nakano Central Park

    Nakano Central Park is a green space which is home to fun events, marathon runs, charity events, festivals, and lots of visitors! You can always find something to do in this centrally located park area, and can also find some good restaurants and cafes, modern bars, shops, and more!

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    9. Relax at Kotobuki Yu Onsen

    This lovely hot spring (onsen) dates back to the Showa era, and is conveniently just a few minutes on foot from Nakano Station. It is a family friendly environment and is known for its popularity among young people and students and its decent price. If you are looking for an onsen experience in Tokyo, this is to be very recommended.


    10. Try Delicious Takoyaki at Gindaco Nakano Sunmall

    Takoyaki is a wonderful and well-loved snack in Japan, with origins in Osaka. You can find Takoyaki shops and sellers in numerous places around the city, but for some of the best and most recommended try out Gindaco, of which one of their stores is at the Nakano Sunmall shopping arcade. These fried balls of octopus with delcious sauces and other ingredients are the perfect snack and will warm you up on a cold day!

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    11. Sample Amazing Ice-Cream at Daily Chico

    Located on the basement level of Nakano Broadway (mentioned above), Daily Chico is a great ice-cream parlor. Perhaps its most famous offering is its eight-flavor tower ice-cream! Flavors include chocolate, mocha, and stawberry, and this place attracts many customers! This place also serves other treats and types of ice-cream, and dishes such as Udon.


    12. Relax at Nakano Shiki No Mori Park

    Nakano Shiki No Mori Park is a fun area right in front of Nakano Central Park (mentioned above), and is a great place for a picnic or to socialise with friends in the warmer months. You may also find food stalls here on occasions, selling Japanese snacks to try!


    13. Drink with the Locals at Beer Kobo

    Beer Kobo is a cosy pub with a friendly atmosphere and great selection of ales! If you are looking for a relaxed place with locals and a social feel, pay a visit to this place!


    Nakano Tours for Those Who Also Want to Go to Other Areas

    Because of Nakano’s location, it’s a great idea to see other parts of Tokyo as well during your trip. Here are some things to do that include Nakano and other places!

    Go on the Perfect “Otaku” Shopping Tour


    If you love anime, manga, video games, cosplay, and all things “otaku”, you don’t want to miss this full shopping tour! In the morning you will visit Nakano to check out stores selling the old and new items, and then head to the famous electric city of Akihabara in the afternoon to check out all things anime and games! If you’re up for a full day of shopping, take a look at this!

    Booking details: Join an Otaku Shopping Tour!

    See the West Side of Tokyo in One Day

    Tokyo tour

    You can mix up Nakano with historical sites on a special walking tour that takes you to various popular locations on the west side of Tokyo. You can also adjust the schedule to fit your needs and interests. Check out this tour to see west Tokyo all in one day!

    Booking details: One Day Walking Tour of West Side of Tokyo!

    Book your Haneda to Tokyo airport transfer if you’d like to get from the airport to your hotel without having to navigate buses and trains on your own. There is also the essential Suica card for riding Japanese trains, or an unlimited subway travel pass if you’d prefer. If you’re going to have a spare day in Tokyo at your disposal, try out these 4 things on this list! Visiting a new place means you should try and experience as many things as possible!

    For more things to do in other areas, check this list out!
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