Experience Japanese Green Tea Flavors at This Matcha-Themed Buffet in Kyoto

  • Many foreigners would like the opportunity to try Japanese green tea and matcha (抹茶) when they visit Japan. As a nationally popular ingredient and a large part of Japanese food culture, matcha and green tea have been loved since the 8th century. Did you know there is an event in Kyoto where you can try many different green tea treats?

    The Tea Leaves Sweets Buffet

    * 【🍵本日よりご予約開始☕️】 5月20日〜お日にち限定で開催! 「レストラン タワーテラス」にて抹茶や紅茶、 ほうじ茶、ハーブティーを使ったお茶スイーツが 食べ放題のスイーツビュッフェ💖✨ 『 Tea Leaves Sweets Buffet』を開催🎶 * 「抹茶ロール」や「ほうじ茶とホワイトチョコのプリン」「ジャスミンのマカロン」「チョコミントムース」など抹茶やほうじ茶、紅茶やハーブティーを使った 約20種のスイーツをお楽しみいただけます👀 * 🗓5月20日(土)~8月27日(日) 土・日・祝限定開催 ★8月11日(金)~8月20日(日)は毎日開催 ⏰15:30~17:00 * 詳しくは『タワーテラス スイーツビュッフェ』で検索🔎

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    The Kyoto Tower Hotel (京都タワーホテル) is a hotel located, as the name suggests, at the base of the Kyoto Tower (京都タワー). The Tea Leaves Sweets Buffet has been open since the 20th of May 2017 and will be running until the 27th of August 2017. This buffet is only available on the weekends and holidays, except during August 11th to the 20th when the buffet will be open every day for the summer season.

    The Tea Leaves Sweets Buffet features more than twenty types of tea leaf-based desserts, foods, and drinks. The kinds of tea leaves used are matcha, of course, black tea, and herb tea such as jasmine, mint, and lavender, as well as other ingredients fused together to make exciting dishes.

    Desserts and Sweets

    * 【🌱お茶のスイーツビュッフェ☕️✨開催まであと5日💕】 今週末、5月20日より「レストラン タワーテラス」にて期間限定で『Tea Leaves Sweets Buffet』開催! * 抹茶のスイーツには、日本緑茶発祥の地である 京都・宇治田原町に店を構える「丸伍製茶」の茶葉を 使用。宇治抹茶とくるみをたっぷり練りこんだ抹茶ブラウニーや、濃厚な宇治抹茶の生地とあずきクリームのバランスが絶妙な抹茶ロールなどの抹茶スイーツをお好きなだけお楽しみいただけます。 * 🗓5月20日(土)~8月27日(日) 土・日・祝限定開催 ★8月11日(金)~8月20日(日)は毎日開催 ⏰15:30~17:00 * 📱詳しくはプロフィールリンクURLをタップ✨

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    The matcha sweets are made using Kyoto (京都)’s Uji-Tahara (宇治田原) Town tea. The green tea from Uji-Tahara Town is where green tea originated in Japan and they are known for their high-quality matcha. The kinds of matcha sweets that are available at the buffet are matcha and apricot mousse, matcha sponge cake, matcha and soy milk tart, matcha macaroons, matcha roll cake, and matcha brownies.

    The patisserie chef’s recommended dessert is the chamomile and peach mousse. The mousse itself is chamomile scented and is topped with a peach and lime jelly with an added scent of the herb lemon verbena. The end result is an extremely refreshing mousse that melts in your mouth, making you want to go back for more.

    There is also a “make your own dessert” station where you can make your own jelly platter during June, and for July and August, you can make your own parfait. For the jelly platter, you can choose from two flavors of base jelly: elderflower and rose-hip. You can choose from your choice of toppings such as peach, orange, and aloe.

    As this buffet is open from 3:30pm to 5:00pm, it is perfect for a late lunch. There is a variety of non-dessert menus available as well, and these menus are also all tea leaf based. The buffet has over ten types of regular meal items available, such as a clam and matcha miso pizza (抹茶味噌ピザ) or a chicken and roasted vegetable and green tea marinade.


    * 【🍹スイーツビュッフェ限定ドリンクが新登場✨】 「レストラン タワーテラス」にて『 Tea Leaves Sweets Buffet』を土・日・祝限定で開催中🎶 * 独特な色合いが特徴で、別添えのレモンを加えると幻想的な色の変化を楽しめる「不思議なハーブティー・マロウブルー」や、グリーンティーにペパーミントをブレンドした清涼感溢れるオーガニックバイブランスティーとグレープフルーツをMIXした「グレープミント」など、5種類のスイーツビュッフェ限定ドリンク(400円)が新登場😍🏝 * ぜひお茶スイーツとあわせてお楽しみください💖 * 🗓~8月27日(日) 土・日・祝限定開催 ★8月11日(金)~8月20日(日)は毎日開催 ⏰15:30~17:00

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    If you are looking for something to drink that goes with your tea leaf-based meal, make sure to try the drinks at the buffet as well! The limited edition drinks are also made using tea leaves. For an additional 400 yen, you can order drinks such as the “mysterious herb tea, marrow blue” which is an oddly colored drink that changes color when you add a lemon slice to it, or the “grape mint” which is a green tea and peppermint blend mixed with grapefruit. There are five types of drinks available so you’ll be sure to find a drink that you like.

    If you think you can’t make it to this buffet before the end of August, there will be a different kind of buffet available (the theme of the buffet is yet to be announced) so make sure to check that out as well!

    If you are looking for a matcha tea experience in Japan, look no further than the Tea Leaves Sweets Buffet at the Kyoto Tower Hotel! The wide range of matcha and other tea based sweets and foods are sure to get you hooked on green tea!

    Event website *Japanese only

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