Climb One of the Tallest Towers in Japan and Help Raise Mental Health Awareness

  • Several types of mental illnesses are heavily stigmatized in Japan. As a country that truly values conformity, people who have mental illnesses are often singled out. In order to remove these stigmas and provide mental health awareness, an event will be held on September 10, 2017, which is World Suicide Prevention Day, allowing people to walk, march, or run in order to climb one of the tallest towers in the country. This will be led by TELL, a non-profit organization that provides effective support and counseling to Japan’s international community and its increasing mental health needs.


    TELL believes that no one should be struggling alone. In line with this, they have established an aid in 1973 in order to provide crisis and suicide prevention support for the international community in Japan. For the most part, TELL has been focused on the Tokyo area and just recently established their presence in Kansai. As of 2017, they have extended their reach to Okinawa.

    “Teletherapy” is the type of counseling the organization uses. They can help you through TELL Lifeline (03-5774-0992), TELL Counseling (03-4550-1146), and TELL Outreach (03-4550-1191).

    TELL Lifeline is a free, confidential telephone support that welcomes teens, kids, and adults. Whatever is troubling you, they are ready to listen. TELL Counseling provides professional counseling and comprehensive assessment. Counseling is done face-to-face with a licensed professional clinician. TELL Outreach provides public awareness on mental health issues through community-wide programs. This includes company stress checks, suicide awareness, lifeline school awareness, exceptional parenting, anti-bullying, child protection, etc.

    The organization accepts help through volunteers, donations, and sponsorships. Donations are a vital part of the organization’s mission in changing lives. TELL receives donations either in cash or kind. You can also give your time and talent and be of service to TELL where you will be able to work on special projects and fundraising events.

    TELL Tokyo Tower Climb

    In order to foster mental health awareness in Japan, TELL organized a campaign which is open to both children and adults. In partnership with one of the tallest towers in the country, Tokyo Tower, the organization is calling all people to come out alone or form teams in order to raise money for the TELL Lifeline 24/7. This is considered one of those endurance events held at world-famous buildings such as the Eiffel Tower, Sears Tower, and so on.

    If you’re interested in joining the event, you may register here. The registration fee for adults is 4,000 yen, while for kids (4 to 13 years old) is 2,500 yen. You may also come as a corporate team (maximum of 4 people) which costs 15,000 yen. The registration cost includes the tower climb, an event towel, and a completion certificate.

    The start time is 7:30 AM so make sure to be at the venue as early as possible on September 10, 2017. Do remember that tickets are non-refundable.

    This is a unique event that could surely change your life. Why don’t you cross this off as a major challenge on your bucket list and step out to change lives? Help remove the stigmas around mental health by helping TELL in providing support for people who are in great need.

    TELL Tokyo Tower Climb Website

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