3 Latest Culinary Additions to Tokyo’s Dining Scene You Have to Try Out!

  • Tokyo has so many interesting restaurants of all types to visit. Good food can be found in every price range, from cheap to expensive ones. As of summer 2017, the capital has new impressive culinary additions to its dining scene. Let’s take a closer look at three of them!


    BENJAMIN STEAK HOUSE was founded by Benjamin Prelvukaj and Benjamin Sinanaj in New York in the year 2006. It offers high-quality food in a luxurious environment and has a mission of treating every guest as a member of their family. It has recently opened its first franchise in Japan on June 30, 2017, particularly in the area of Roppongi. It is the perfect place to experience New York dining, which has been loved by many celebrities, businessmen, and New Yorkers themselves.

    The restaurant uses prime beef which underwent its secret dry aging recipe. There are around 400 different kinds of wines offered at all times including Moe et Chandon, Cristal Brut, Giacomo Conterno, Vogue, Piemonte, etc. The restaurant is also proud of having a friendly and warm service. A popular appetizer you can try is their Seafood Platter which costs 4,800 yen. When it comes to steaks and chops, you should try their USDA Prime Steak (16,000 yen) which is ideal for two persons. If you prefer salads, you can try the Benjamin Salad (2,800 yen).

    The place is open from 11:30 AM to 11:00 PM.


    2. Le Pain Quotidien

    Le Pain Quotidien means “daily bread” in English. It is a world-class restaurant from Belgium. Its newest location in Japan is at Tokyo Midtown and is managed by Keigo Uchino.

    Le Pain Quotidien provides elegant breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner made from fresh items. It focuses on simple and pure ingredients which make every meal special. Their breakfast is an ideal way to have a nourishing and satisfying head start. You can reclaim your day by having a fulfilling lunch according to your mood. You can also have an afternoon charge with your colleagues and companions by having a glass of wine.

    This is one of the best places to unwind, laugh, and spend time with your friends by reliving the best moments of the day. The restaurant is hoping to gather people around communal tables in order to share the time-honored tradition of breaking bread.

    The place is open from 7:30 AM to 11:00 PM.

    Le Pain Quotidien Website

    3. OUT

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    OUT is a new restaurant in Shibuya which is noticeable for its pink neon sign on its window. It only offers one dish, one wine, and one sound. This concept comes from David Mackintosh who also runs a restaurant in Melbourne, Tom Crago who’s an entrepreneur, and Sarah Crago who’s a food consultant in Tokyo.

    OUT’s special dish is a fresh homemade truffle pasta paired with a selected wine. This is prepared by servers to the beat of Led Zeppelin, an English rock band formed in London. Each dinner set costs 4,000 yen and this includes an appetizer, a glass of red wine, and pasta. The place promises to give you an unpretentious superb time. This is the place to head if you’re looking for Australian truffles and vino, or just on the lookout for a new place to try.

    OUT Website

    These three restaurants are some of the latest dining additions that are worth trying in Tokyo. They provide impressive culinary creations which widen the variety of good cuisine available in Japan.

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