Silent Sea Tank, a powerful message in Kagoshima City Aquarium

Silent Sea Tank, a powerful message in Kagoshima City Aquarium

Kagoshima City Aquarium


Kagoshima City Aquarium is a home for colorful tropical fish, whale shark and sea creatures of all sizes. It is a seven floor aquarium with a massive Kuroshio Tank as their main attraction, which can be found as you enter the complex. You can learn a lot about marine life in here.

Kuroshio Tank


The Kuroshio Tank; the massive tank was constructed with seven layers of acrylic sheets to hold the strong water pressure. Really an impressive way to enjoy marine life. The aquarium offers a few interesting events throughout the day. You can enjoy dolphin performance, popular whale shark feeding at the Kuroshio tank and a show of electric eel feeding using electricity. Furthermore, do not miss to see dolphins at Kagoshima City Aquarium swim out of their pool to the open sea at the Dolphin Waterway area (reminder; this event does not have a fixed time).

Besides the exciting events explained above, there is a Silent Sea tank which holds nothing in the tank. Located in the second floor of the main building. It leaves a spooky feeling, when you looking into it. People who peek through it to find any marine life would wonder what is the purpose of the tank and later leave with the questions. Why did they ever build the tank if they do not want to place any fish in it?

Chilling Poem


Besides the tank, a poem is placed, for the visitors to think. What is the purpose of the Silent Sea tank? It is a gentle reminder for us, to treasure our sea before everything is gone because of our egoism.


Blue sea, nothing is there.
It was once filled with the songs of living things
so loud that I even wanted to cover my ears.
But now, there is only the blue sea
and I can hear nothing any more.

Creatures called human beings
only consider about themselves.
While as the days pass by
the songs of the living things die away
one after another, and are gone.
so now I can hear nothing any more
there is only the silent blue sea.

What can we do now
so as not to leave a silent sea
behind us for our children.

We need to remind to ourselves and not to forget to explain to our children the importance of keeping the sea alive. Not just the sea itself, the sea and all its living things. For the sake of our own future.

So, don’t forget to go and take a peek into the Silent Sea tank when you are in Kagoshima City Aquarium.
Learn a good lesson besides enjoying other attractions!

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