Introducing the top five of popular tourism spots in Kyoto, including World Heritage sites, in a video format!

  • Kyoto, an international tourist destination for tourists from within Japan and around the world, with 55 million visitors a year.
    We have aggregated gorgeous videos that introduce the places that attract the most visitors among all the popular tourist spots.
    Experience the beauty of the ancient city, Kyoto.

    Ginkakuji temple

    Built in 1490.
    At the time of its construction, people say there were plans to cover the building with silver leaf to compete with the Kinkaku-ji Temple but the plan was set back due to financial difficulties.

    Japanese notation:銀閣寺

    Nijojo castle

    kyoto temple2

    A castle built from 1603 to the beginning of the Edo period.
    A famous spot, also known for the profusion of cherry blossoms of its 360 cherry trees.

    Japanese notation:二条城

    Kinakuji temple

    A resplendent temple, covered inside and out in gold leaf.
    The dominance of Yoshimitsu Ashikaga, the man of power at the time, can be sensed in viewing the temple.

    Japanese notation:金閣寺


    kyoto temple4

    A famous place known for its cherry blossoms and beautiful fall foliage, as well as its bamboo forest.
    It is also close to Tenryu-ji Temple, a World Heritage site.

    Japanese notation:嵐山

    Kiyomizudera temple

    kyoto temple5

    A popular spot, where 38% of tourists to Kyoto are said to visit.
    A vantage point that allows you the view of Kyoto’s cityscape from above.

    Japanese notation:清水寺

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