12 Things to Do in Hakone, the Gorgeous Area of Mountains and Hot Springs

  • Hakone, which is part of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, is a mountainous town in Kanagawa and a popular spot for those in Tokyo to visit for a day trip. It is well known for its breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji, hot springs, and its ship tours of the famous Lake Ashi. If you’ll be spending time in Tokyo, no doubt Hakone is on your list as a day trip, or perhaps you’re planning to stay there for a couple of days. Here are 12 things to do in this gorgeous area for a fun-filled and pleasant trip!

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    1. See Hakone’s Best Spots with a Cruise of Lake Ashi

    You can’t visit Hakone without seeing the stunning Mt. Fuji from Lake Ashi! In one day, you can travel to Hakone from Tokyo and take the Komagatake Ropeway to see some stunning views, cruise Lake Ashi on a pirate ship, and ride up to the 5th station of Mt. Fuji to catch some picture-perfect views.

    This tour is always guaranteed to depart in July and August, but other seasons are better for clear views. Check out the tour below for a perfect day out in Hakone!

    Booking details: Mt. Fuji & Hakone Tour with Lake Ashi Cruise Daily Departure

    2. Have a Crab Lunch, Cruise Lake Ashi, and Walk Along the Mishima Sky Walk Bridge

    This awesome day out includes a visit to Odawara Castle where you’ll enjoy an amazing all-you-can-eat crab lunch, cruise Lake Ashi, and even see the longest suspension bridge in Japan, the Mishima Sky Walk. This fantastic activity departs from Shinjuku, Tokyo and includes free wifi on the bus and a fun lottery activity where you can win prizes.

    Be sure to wear warm clothing during the colder months as well as comfortable shoes. Join this great tour for a fun day trip with a crab feast and must-do activities!

    Booking details: All-you-can-eat Crab Lunch & Mishima Sky Walk Bus Tour

    3. Take a One-Day Trip to Hakone from Tokyo with a Guide

    Take a special romance train to Hakone from Shinjuku, ride a cable car and a ropeway to see amazing volcanic views, and visit interesting museums on this fun-filled day out! There’s also a chance to ride the iconic pirate ship to see some great views of Mt. Fuji on clear days, and you can visit Hakone Shrine, which features the god of business, health, and marriage. Book now for a thrilling day out in Hakone exploring its marvelous views and interesting history.

    Booking details: Take a one-day trip to Hakone from Tokyo with a guide

    4. Get a One-Day Pass for Unlimited Travel

    If you’d prefer to explore Hakone at your own pace with your own itinerary, then you can’t go without booking this travel pass. This ticket includes a one-way train ticket to Hakone from Shinjuku, admission to Kohan-no-yu hot springs, and discounts to over fifty different facilities including museums and attractions. The ticket also includes a delicious lunch in Nanakamado. For unlimited rides on lots of Hakone’s local transportation and a free lunch, book this ticket!

    Booking details: Explore the best of Hakone with a one day package pass

    5. See the Cherry Blossoms and Go Strawberry Picking

    Visit Odawara Castle and cruise Lake Ashi during the springtime, where thousands of cherry blossom trees bloom and create gorgeous natural sights. After a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet lunch, you can also try picking fresh strawberries! This activity is ideal for those who want to take great photographs and are also up for some adventure. Book in spring for an unforgettable day in Hakone.

    Booking details: Enjoy Sakura, Hakone Cruise & Strawberry Picking from Tokyo

    6. Relax in an Exclusive Beauty Resort

    For ultimate relaxation, why not book a luxurious stay in one of Hakone’s beauty resorts? Relax in a hot spring, get a treatment at the spa, and get some hair care by a professional hairdresser. This package includes a stay in your very own cottage with facilities such as wifi, a TV, and free amenities. This activity is ideal for women traveling alone or in groups who would like to be pampered during their stay in Hakone. Check out the link below for full details.

    Booking details: Relax in an exclusive beauty resort in Hakone!

    7. Spend the Night in a Romantic Hot Spring Inn

    While in Hakone, why not spend the night in a gorgeous hot spring inn? Wear a yukata robe and stroll the Japanese garden, take a dip in the bubbling hot spring, taste local dishes, and breathe the fresh mountain air. You can get there from Tokyo by riding the Romance train and enjoy a truly authentic and luxurious Japanese experience.

    There are different options and packages to suit your timeframe and budget; you can choose just a meal and a session in the hot spring or select the full package. Click below for more information and have a night in one of Japan’s most beautiful spots.

    For a similar experience where you stay in a ryokan and get your own facilities such as a private hot spring and outdoor pool, local delicacies, and spectacular views of the mountains and river, check out this activity where you can stay in a ryokan room in Hakone.

    Booking details: Day trip to Hakone in a romantic hot spring inn, from Tokyo!

    8. Experience Hakone in Different Seasons

    Unlike some previous tours mentioned, this activity is for private groups only. No matter the season, you can enjoy Hakone in different ways. In winter, you can see spectacular snowy mountain views and crisp, clear skies and views of Mt. Fuji. In spring, the area blooms with beautiful cherry blossoms.

    With this activity, you can experience famous hot springs, ride a ship on Lake Ashi, and even taste black eggs that have been boiled in the mountain hot spring, surely a unique experience! Try local dishes, visit some museums if you like, and visit one of the oldest shrines of the area. There are many more activities available on this exciting day out, so click the link below for more details.

    Booking details: Go on a one day trip to Hakone!

    9. Go Mountain Biking

    Due to its stunning views, gentle hills, and fresh air, Hakone is a fantastic place to go mountain biking! Meet up with local people and select one of their mountain biking courses of varying difficulty levels for an exhilirating day out of exploration, exercise, and good fun!

    Booking details: Go Mountain Biking in Hakone!

    Hakone Tours for Those Who Also Want to Go to Other Areas

    Since Hakone is so popular, there are also many things you can do that include Hakone as well as other areas and activities. Check out the following for things to do in a variety of places.

    10. Take a 2-Day Trip to Mt. Fuji, Hakone, and Kyoto

    If you’ve no plans for your Japan trip yet, why not combine Hakone with Mt. Fuji, Japan’s tallest mountain and the inspiration of many artworks, and Kyoto, a beautiful city in Kansai famous for geisha and temples? With this trip, you start in Tokyo and take a comfortable bullet train to visit some of Japan’s prime sightseeing locations such as the 5th station of Mt. Fuji, a cruise on Lake Ashi, and Nijo Castle and Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto.

    The price includes the accommodation, your lunch, an English-speaking guide, admission fees, and transportation costs, making it a huge bargain! For a hassle-free trip to see some of Japan’s best spots, book this activity today!

    Booking details: Enjoy a 2-Day Tour at Mt. Fuji, Hakone and Kyoto from Tokyo!

    11. Embark on a 7-Day Golden Route Holiday in Japan

    This fantastic package completely organises great places to visit for an entire week! Experience the very best of Japan, including Hakone, for seven days with this deal.

    Discover Tokyo, not only a bustling metropolis packed with things to do but also a hub of tradition. Then head to Kamakura and Hakone, both of which are must-see places with historical sights and breathtaking natural beauty. After that, you’ll head to Kyoto to see Gion, the Golden Temple, and other travel hotspots, before spending a day in Uji and Fushimi to take part in a tea ceremony and experience other cultural activities. Click the link below for more details and experience Japan completely hassle-free.

    Booking details: Embark on a 7-day Golden Route Holiday in Japan

    12. Have a 6-Day Holiday Around Japan

    This package deal includes a pick-up from the airport (Haneda or Narita) to your hotel and a thrilling six days of exploring Japan. See Tokyo with a special walking tour, see Hakone and Mt. Fuji, and transfer to Osaka where you’ll see Osaka Castle and the city’s entertainment district. Then spend a day in Kyoto, where a private walking tour will show you some must-see sights such as Kinkakuji Temple and Yasaka Shrine.

    This package includes private English-speaking guides, all your transportation costs to and in Hakone, entrance fees to included attractions, and more. See the link below for full itinerary and details!

    For a similar package tour that is for five days instead of six, check out the 5-Day Package Tour with a Trip to Hakone.

    Booking details: Japan Tour Package Deal! Tokyo to Osaka in a 6-day holiday

    With its close proximity to Tokyo, stunning views, and many things to do, Hakone is well worth a visit during your trip to Japan! No matter the season or your taste, you’re sure to find something to suit you and those you are travelling with. Book a fantastic activity and make your journey really special.

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