30 Things to Do in Fukuoka, the Gorgeous Southern Prefecture in Kyushu, in 2018

  • Fukuoka is a prefecture in Kyushu, Japan’s southernmost main island, which is well loved for its pleasant weather and stunning natural beauty, as well as its ancient temples, beautiful beaches, and the ruins of Fukuoka Castle. This charming area is a place to enjoy the sunshine and the unique Hakata ramen, which is famous in this region. If you are heading to Kyushu, there is no way you can miss Fukuoka! Here are 30 great things to do in this great prefecture.

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    1. Explore Yanagawa

    Yanagawa is a city on the west coast of Kyushu, around an hour from Fukuoka city. Why not ride a boat and enjoy the lovely view of Yanagawa, famous for its waterways? You will also explore the city on foot with a friendly, English-speaking guide and visit the beautiful Japanese gardens. With this tour, you won’t miss anything on your first trip to this charming town.

    Booking details: Explore the Deep Fukuoka, City of Waterways!

    2. Visit the Historic Sights of Dazaifu

    Dazaifu is the old capital of Kyushu and well worth a visit for the Kyushu National Museum and the town’s historic treasures. On this tour, led by an English-speaking guide, you’ll see some temples and shrines and learn a bit about Kyushu’s history. Those interested in old Japan would love this day out.

    Booking details: Enjoy a walking tour in Dazaifu in Fukuoka

    3. Learn How to Make Takoyaki

    Takoyaki is a delicious street food dish made from flour and octopus. Have a try at making your own takoyaki with this 90-minute activity! If you don’t like octopus, you can choose different flavours such as cheese, sausage, and more. Try something different and learn how to make this unique dish during your stay in Fukuoka!

    Booking details: Learn How to Make Takoyaki in Fukuoka!

    4. Join a Tea Ceremony

    In the heart of Fukuoka in a small kimono store, you can experience a Japanese “chado” tea ceremony. You can even try making some matcha, or green tea, yourself to share with other guests! Enjoy drinking the tea with some traditional sweets and learn about one of Japan’s most well-preserved traditions.

    Booking details: Enjoy Tea Box Style of Tea Ceremony in Fukuoka!

    5. Eat Soba Noodles, Experience Local Culture, and Visit a Sake Brewery

    Yame town is one of Fukuoka’s most traditional cities. If you are travelling in groups of 3 to 8 people, try this tour where you can try Japanese soba noodles and tempura, have a tea ceremony, try paper crafts, and even visit the brewery to try local sake! For this fun day out of cultural activities and rice wine tasting, click the link below!

    Booking details: Experience traditional culture & and see Kitaya Sake Brewery

    6. Tour Amabuki Brewery and Visit Suitengu Shrine

    Amabuki Brewery in Fukuoka is known for its fine sake. Pay a visit with an English speaking guide to learn about the brewing process and taste some samples afterwards. After that, head to Suitengu Shrine, one of the most famous shrines in Fukuoka. To try delicious sake and get some cultural experience, try this tour.

    Booking details: Amabuki brewery tour, local craft sake experience in Fukuoka

    7. Take a Day Trip to Fukuoka from Osaka

    If you’re staying in Osaka and you’re interested in taking a day trip to Fukuoka, look no further! This tour includes bullet train tickets to Hakata and a private tour for either half a day or a full day. Visit some of Fukuoka’s famous sightseeing spots such as Fukuoka Castle Ruins and Ohori Park. Try some delicious and nationally famous Hakata ramen and enjoy an unforgettable trip to this lovely city.

    Booking details: Day trip to Fukuoka from Osaka with a guide by Shinkansen

    8. Wear Traditional Wedding Clothing and Eat a Delicious “Kaiseki” Lunch in Dazaifu

    Relive your special day the Japanese way by dressing up in traditional wedding clothing, the hakama, shiromaku, and kimono, and have your photographs taken in a beautiful Japanese garden. After that, you can try a Japanese “kaiseki” lunch in a famous restaurant. If you’re travelling to Dazaifu as a couple, definitely don’t miss this activity from your itinerary!

    Booking details: Wear traditional wedding costume & eat Kaiseki lunch, Dazaifu

    9. Taste Mentaiko, a Japanese Delicacy

    Foodies would love this activity, as it is your chance to try a famous delicacy called karashi-mentaiko. This seafood product is often served with rice, pasta, or sake, and is very popular and famous among Japanese people. Visit a restaurant to sample five different kinds of mentaiko with rice and miso soup. Learn how the Japanese eat it and choose your favourite flavour!

    Booking details: Taste Karashi-Mentaiko in Fukuoka, Kyushu!

    10. Try a Blind Tasting of Rice Wine and Sake

    Head to a studio in Fukuoka city if you’re interested in a blind sake tasting session! There are over 20,000 brands of sake in Japan and this is your chance to try a few of them. Learn a bit about the history of sake brewing and how it is made, and discover the type of flavour, sweetness, and dryness that you like. By the end, you’ll be a sake expert! Check out the link below for more information. Please note everyone in the group must be twenty years old or over to participate.

    Booking details: Enjoy a Blind Tasting of Rice Wine and Sake in Fukuoka!

    11. Learn How to Make Sushi

    You may already have heard of sushi, the famous Japanese dish made from rice, sometimes with seaweed and some kind of fish or vegetable filling. During your stay in Fukuoka, why not learn to make this delicious and healthy dish from an expert chef? No matter what your cooking level, you can enjoy a fun course of making different kinds of sushi and some soup. Give this fun activity a try and learn a bit about Japanese cooking.

    Booking details: Learn How to Make Sushi in Fukuoka!

    12. Paint Your Own Hakata Doll

    Hakata dolls, named after the famous area in Fukuoka, are small and delicate handicrafts that are nowadays popular as interior decorations or small souvenirs. Have fun painting your very own Hakata doll to take home. This activity can be joined as one person or as a group and only takes an hour, so be sure to add it to your list of things to do when you’re in Fukuoka city.

    Booking details: Enjoy Painting Hakata Dolls in Fukuoka

    13. Wear a Japanese Kimono

    You don’t have to be in Kyoto to wear this beautiful Japanese garment. Choose a kimono, the traditional Japanese dress, and an assistant will help you put it on. After that, you can have your picture taken in several places for some unforgettable memories. You can also explore the town in the kimono, which is a popular activity to add authenticity to your trip.

    Booking details: Enjoy easy Kimono experience in Fukuoka!

    14. Try Japanese Calligraphy

    At a studio in Fukuoka, you can try Japanese calligraphy by decorating your very own t-shirt! You can even take it home with you as a souvenir. Request any Japanese kanji characters that you want to write and create a cool, original design. Try this hour-long activity for some writing practice and a cool new shirt!

    Booking details: Experience Calligraphy by Writing on a T-Shirt in Fukuoka

    15. Visit the Owl Cafe

    You may have heard of cat cafes, but did you know there is a cute cafe hosting owls in Fukuoka? People who love animals and birds would not want to miss this adorable cafe! Click below to reserve your place and guarantee entry during your trip.

    Booking details: Reservation for Lovely Owl Cafe “Fukuro no Mise” in Fukuoka

    16. Take a Karate Lesson near Yanagawa

    Karate is one of Japan’s most famous martial arts. In Yanagawa, all level students are welcome to this exciting karate class! In 60 minutes, you’ll warm up and learn some basic fighting techniques. There is no need to bring a karate uniform; just an easy-to-remove t-shirt and pants is fine. Your host will pick you up and drop you off at the station for easy and quick access. For a fun-filled hour learning basic karate, check out this activity!

    Booking details: Discover Karate in a 60 minute lesson near Yanagawa, Fukuoka

    17. Discover the Traditional Japanese Drum

    You don’t have to be a musician to enjoy this activity in southern Fukuoka! Learn some basic drum skills from the instructor and play together with the students. After that, you’ll get to watch the students’ and the teacher’s drumming performance. Check out the link below for more information and enjoy a fun afternoon with Japanese drum enthusiasts.

    Booking details: Discover traditional Japanese drum with a mini show, Fukuoka

    18. Take a Shore Excursion from Fukuoka Port

    Why not jump in a car and experience the best of what the city has to offer on your own private wheels? You can be picked up from anywhere in the city and your guide will take you to Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, Kyushu National Museum, Ohori Park, and more! Skip the stress of public transport and see this fantastic city by car.

    Booking details: Shore excursion from Fukuoka Port (w/ private car and guide)

    19. Get a Front-Row Seat to Fukuoka’s Hakata Dontaku Festival

    If you’re going to be in Fukuoka during Golden Week in April, you cannot miss the nationally famous Dontaku Festival, featuring flower cars, exciting parades, and night illuminations! When you book this tour, you can get a landscape view from a bullet train and front row seats to the festival so you can enjoy it up close! This once-in-a-lifetime chance cannot be missed. Book in advance for your Golden Week trip and miss none of the excitement of ths fun-filled day!

    Booking details: See Fukuoka’s Hakata Dontaku Festival from the front row!

    20. Discover the History of Fukuoka and Dazaifu

    A private guide can take you to explore the historical sights of Fukuoka city and Dazaifu all in one day! See the very first Zen temple in Japan and discover the famous wooden Buddha statue. Learn about Fukuoka’s rich history and wander in some beautiful gardens before heading to Canal City in the centre of Fukuoka. That isn’t all there is on this exciting day out, so check out the link below for further details!

    Booking details: Discover the history and culture of Fukuoka and Dazaifu

    21. Explore Fukuoka Prefecture in One Day

    What better chance to see the highlights of this terrific prefecture? Explore Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine and Kanmon Tunnel, have lunch at the Shimonoseki Grand Hotel, see Karato Market which sells fresh fruits and vegetables and ride the Kanmon Ferry to Moji-ko Port! This great day out will surely be unforgettable and it a must-try during your stay.

    Booking details: Explore Fukuoka Prefecture in One Day!

    22. Take a Japanese Language Course

    Your trip will be more interesting if you can understand some Japanese, so during your stay in Fukuoka, why not take some lessons? You will get real-life opportunities to learn the phrases and words that you will pick up in this fun course. Two types are available:

    • Half-day course. Perfect for those who want to learn a few words and phrases.
    • One week course. Great for those who are staying for a while in Japan and would like an intensive crash course to pick up some essential Japanese.

    Complete beginners are welcome. The lessons are completely informal and your host will take you to nice sightseeing spots and cafes for practice. Come and learn some Japanese, perhaps make some friends, and learn your new language in real-life situations!

    Booking details: One Week Special Japanese Lesson for Sightseeing in Fukuoka

    23. Visit the Fukuoka Castle Ruins

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    The stunning Fukuoka Castle Ruins can be found and explored within Maizuru Park. In its day, the castle was one of the largest in Japan and was an important landmark in Kyushu.

    Nowadays, what is left is a selection of ruins such as old gates, a moat, guard towers, and walls. The castle ruins are a ten-minute walk from Ohori Koen Subway Station, and are well worth a visit!


    24. Unwind at Momochi Seaside Park

    If you want to escape the bustling city of Fukuoka for a while, you should head to the calm and peaceful Momochi Seaside Park. It is an artificial beach complete with an island, many sports facilities, water activities including riding a jet ski, and plenty of shopping and restaurant options.

    It makes for a lovely afternoon by the seaside and is a 15-minute walk from Nishijin Station.


    25. Stroll Around Ohori Park

    First opened in 1929m the gorgeous Ohori Park features lovely gardens and a beautiful pond where you can rent boats or explore the small islands in the middle.

    Other features at the park include flowerbeds, bird migrations at certain times of the year, several children’s areas, a Japanese Garden, and even a theater! You are sure to find something to suit your interests here!


    26. Discover the Exquisite ACROS Fukuoka

    ACROS is an international and cultural center in Fukuoka. It has many exhibitions with arts and crafts, a conference hall, a music hall, and many events throughout the year. It is also a unique building trying to create a green space in the middle of the city. It’s well worth a visit!


    27. Capture City Views at Fukuoka Tower

    Fukuoka Tower is the tallest seaside tower in Japan and is a key landmark of Fukuoka. Opened in 1989, many people come here to enjoy sea and cityscape views from the three observation decks in the tower and admire the great architecture of the building. The tower has a cafe, a lounge deck, and see-through elevators!


    28. Explore Kyushu National Museum

    Spend an afternoon visiting this innovative and beautiful museum. Located in the Dazaifu area of Fukuoka Prefecture, you can learn about Japanese history and culture here, and admire the amazing architecture and design of the building!


    29. Visit the Small Island of Nokonoshima

    Nokonoshima is a small and gorgeous island accessible by ferry from Fukuoka city. Here you can take beautiful walks around the island, visit Nkonoshima Flower Park, visit some historical sights, and try some local cuisine. It truely is a beautiful place and well worth the trip for its fresh air and the feeling that you are getting away from city life for a while!


    30. Enjoy Karaoke in the Fun Tenjin Area

    The absolute best place to go to enjoy karaoke is the central Tenjin area in Fukuoka City. Tenjin is a bustling downtown area and is home to several huge karaoke venues such as Big Echo. You can easily spend a few hours or even all night singing your favorite songs with friends and really experiencing the exciting nightlife, Japanese style!


    Don’t forget to book the essential pocket wifi before you go to Japan to make sure you’re never out of internet. There is also an option to rent a car in Kyushu if you’d prefer to get around on private transport. If you’re flying into Fukuoka Airport, there is also a handy transfer service to ensure a stress-free trip to your hotel.

    Fukuoka is a lovely prefecture and well worth a visit to those exploring southern Japan. Whether you are there to learn about Japan’s history, want hands-on experiences with local traditions, or want to try delicious food, there is someone for everyone in this area. Have a great trip!

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