10 Legendary Foods You Must Try When Visiting Osaka!

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  • Do you know that Osaka is a city in Japan that is famous for its many good foods? Yes, the people who have visited Osaka before will certainly remember the goodness of its foods. Some of the Osaka dishes can also be sometimes hard to find in other cities in Japan. This article will provide you with some foods that you must try in Osaka. So, why not take the time to have a culinary journey around this city for a few days and try some of its top dishes?

    1. Takoyaki


    I think most of you know what Takoyaki is. Takoyaki is very easy to find in Osaka and is also a-must-try dish when you visit this city. You can find it in many various restaurants and street food stalls. We recommend Abe no Takoyaki.


    2. Okonomiyaki

    This is a Japanese pancake containing various ingredients such as meat, vegetables, seafoods etc. Osaka’s okonomiyaki is one of the best in the country. Try Kiji Sky for some great okonomiyaki.


    3. Yakiniku


    Yakiniku is grilled meat which resembles barbecued meat. According to the yakiniku history in Japan, it was firstly made by the Koreans living in Osaka, and it is still a debate whether this food is originally Japanese or Korean. Visit Matsuzakagyu Yakiniku M, Hozenji Yokocho for some greay yakiniku.


    4. Negiyaki


    This is a thinner version of okonomiyaki made with scallions. The cabbage used in okonomiyaki is replaced with onion green leeks in Negiyaki. It is a must try! If you’d like to try this dish, pay a visit to Negiyaki Yamamoto Umeda Est-ten.


    5. Taiko-Manju


    Is a Japanese baked sweet. it is made from flour, eggs and sugar, is baked in a copper mold and normally filled with red bean paste. Find Taiko Manju Shops in Gozasoro! Try some great taiko-manju at Gozasouro on the third floor of JR Shin-Osaka Station!


    6. Kitsune Udon


    Is a simple udon with a piece of deep-fried tofu. You may find this kind of udon everywhere, but this food originally comes from Osaka. We recommend Dotonbori Imai Honten for some great kitsune udon.


    7. Torikara Stick

    This is a snack made from chicken breasts. Practice eating it while you walk around the city! Try Kin no Torikara as per our recommendation!


    8. Gokan

    Gokan is a Japanese dessert. This delicious dessert consists of custard pudding, green tea pudding, red beans and more. Don’t forget to try some Gokan in Osaka! Our recommended place is Gokan.


    9. Kushikatsu

    kushiage, kushikatsu, deep fried skewers, japanese food

    Kushikatsu is Japanese deep fried meat and vegetables on the skewers. There are many Kushikatsu restaurants in Osaka; we recommend Kushikatsu Daruma.


    10. Dojima Roll


    Is one of the most popular sweets in Japan. This simple roll cake has soft dough and soft cream that makes it extremely good. Try some of this delicious cake at Patisserie Mon Cher!


    With these must-try snacks, you won’t run out of foods to try during your trip to Osaka! Keep an open mind, try everything you see, and have a great time!

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