3 Secrets of The Japanese Diet Pyramid

  • Do you know that the Japanese Diet is considered as one of the healthiest of the world? Take the example of the elder generations. They are healthy and despite their age they still able to ride on bicycles, garden and even go to work.

    Japanese Diet Pyramid

    Japanese Diet5

    1. Low Cholesterol

    Japanese Diet1

    Japanese do eat red meat, but they are more inclined to fish and seafood products compared to red meat. It isn’t just because fish is easier to find but because of its health benefits. Japanese adhere to the fact that fish is a great source of protein and they also believe that one of the factors that keep their glowing skin is due to the amount of fish they consume in everyday’s life.

    2. It Follows the Food Pyramid

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    Notice how Japanese serve their meals? It is in an astonishing variety. There is rice, their staple carbohydrate source which we use for energy. There is the moderate amount of tofu, fishes and red meat which are the great source of protein hence helping our bones and muscles grow. And bountiful of colorful side dishes which we all know makes us glow. Not to mention the soup and tea they serve which does not just hydrate us but we all know that tea, especially green tea, is a major antioxidant.

    3. Low Caloric Value

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    Notice also that Japanese foods have a low caloric value. This means that the calorie content of such food item is lower compared to other. Take for example the Daikon radish, we all know it is one of their favorites. They munch it for snacks and make side dishes with it. Eating a bowl of Daikon will give you a lower amount of calories equal to eating a bowl of western foods counterparts such as fried potatoes and chips.

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    Take a look around the streets of Japan, You will seldom find obese people around. In fact, their body structures are either petite and slender. Even with the children, obesity is a rare case among them. That is proof enough that the Japanese diet consists of healthy cuisines and a healthy way of life.