The Cherry Blossoms as a part of the Japanese History

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  • Sakura in the Traditional Japanese Painting

    One of the things that make Japan an interesting place to go to is seeing Sakura or “Cherry Blossoms”, a flowering plant almost seen in most of the well-known places in Japan.
    “Sakura” is part of the Japanese culture. This flower is very symbolic to the Japanese people and can be seen in some art pieces and can even be used as a food ingredient.

    Title: Yayoi Asukayama Hanami (Kitao, Shigemasa, 1739 – 1820)

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    Title: 思う春 SM (Reiji Hiramatsu)

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    Japanese gardens

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    If you want to know more about Japan, its uniqueness and the attractiveness of the Sakura flowers, visit a Japanese garden during the Sakura season, and you will feel a peaceful and serene atmosphere.
    In Japan, you can find several Japanese gardens that capture the beauty of cherry blossoms. Japanese gardens were developed to beautify the Emperor’s garden or a place where Buddhist can meditate or contemplate. If you want walk along with a peaceful and quiet surroundings, you may want to check out these gardens.

    Himeji Castle

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    This beautiful castle is very popular with tourists. With its antique elegance, you can really see how the castle and the whole area was designed for defense. If you would like to have a long walk with your special someone, this is the most romantic place to visit. (Tip: Don’t forget to bring some water!)


    Tokyo Imperial Palace

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    When you visit Japan, try to drop by the “Imperial Residence”. This is where the Emperor of Japan lives. It is located in Chiyoda and it is a very large area that can fit in the imperial family’s residence, a museum, an archive and administrative offices.


    Miharu Takizakura

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    Don’t forget to wrap up your tour in the Miharu Takizahura. Located in Miharu, Fukushima it is one of the largest and greatest Cherry Blossoms in Japan. Thousands of tourists visit this place every year just to see the romantic and jaw-dropping beauty of the full-bloom flowers. It may have experienced natural disasters in the early 2000’s, people still come to visit the place to see it’s that queen of the ancient beauty.