I am a burger freak and wanna try all the burgers in Japan. Any recommendations with branches in Fukuoka?

Hi Grimace! I am assuming that you have already heard of Hungry Heaven since it’s really famous in Fukuoka. But if not, you should definitely try it out!!

Hey Grimace,

Have you heard of Umami Burger?? They are suuuch nice burgers and one has JUST opened in Tokyo!

I actually found it through an article on Japan Info – http://jpninfo.com/73156. Honestly, you should check it out. A little bit pricey but burgers generally are here and you get what you pay for :)


Hi Brianna, I have tried Hungry Heaven’s burgers. Thanks!

Hi Anna, thanks for the recommendation! But as I mentioned, I live in Fukuoka so Umami Burger is unfortunately out of reach for me. I hope they open a branch in my place soon!

UMAMI Burger just opened in Japan and they’re supposed to be really good. There’s also THE COUNTER store in Tokyo that jpninfo just published an article about (http://jpninfo.com/75214)

Looks like I’ll have to go on a trip to Tokyo just to try these newly opened burger restaurants eh?

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