So I’m going to be traveling to Japan soon with a friend of mine. She’s never been and I’ve only been once years ago. Can anyone tell me some of the definite no-nos so I can avoid social faux pas? I know the big ones like taking off your shoes in a house and basic chopstick rules, but is there anything else I should know?

I actually wondered this myself and found wiki pretty helpful!

Hi MyBucketList! Thanks! haha I should’ve checked that myself. lol It’s so in-depth.

I think pretty much as long as you avoid being loud/obnoxious you should be okay! haha

Yeah, one of the main things here seems that being too loud is seen as something that is not-done. Especially on the trains, everyone is so quiet that you will probably automatically keep your voice down when you want to talk. It’s kinda nice too though, as when you travel alone it is good to be able to concentrate on reading (or sleeping!)

Exactly, Starrysky! haha Being loud is such a big thing. Maybe no one will say anything directly but it will be pretty obvious others around a lound person are displeased…

Thanks for the input, everyone! I don’t think being crazy loud will be too much of a problem…at least not for me. XD

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