Does Japan has "abandoned shopping trolleys" problem faced by its supermarkets?

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William Loh

Jul 9, 2018 at 11:54 PM

In Singapore, abandoned supermarket trolleys are a common sight. Many are often found near lift landings, walkways, garbage disposal areas and even in drains. The situation can be so bad that supermarket staff have to go out on patrol to bring the abandoned trolleys back to the store.
In the United States, according to the National Supermarket Research Group (2001), shopping cart theft and vandalism losses total several hundred million dollars annually. The shopping cart theft rate is one every 90 seconds. Moreover, statistics show a store can end up replacing up to 35% of its cart fleet every year. Even CNN Maggie Blaha reported on 25 February 2014 that shopping carts turn up in the oddest of places in the United States.

With the above background in mind, I would like to seek your opinion on the above problem by completing a short survey (less than 10 minutes of your time) using the following link below:-

Your response to the survey is completely anonymous. I just want your truthful answer to address the lost trolley phenomenon faced by all supermarket chains worldwide.

Please share this survey with as many people as possible so that we could collectively solve this worldwide problem.

I welcome the Japanese people to give your views on this matter and participate in the above survey by clicking on the link or copy the link.

I strongly believe the world could benefit from the views of the Japanese people.

THANK YOU ありがとうございました

William Loh



Jul 10, 2018 at 12:36 AM

Hi. I had lived in Japan before. Japanese are very discpline people. They do what they were told. Like it is a common rule of thumb for them to keep the trolley back to where they took it from.

Like when eating in any fastfood restaurant, we have to clean up our table before leaving.

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