Hello! It would be helpful for me, as a student making a research paper about Japan’s standards on male beauty, to know who are the ‘hottest’ male icons of Japan. Whether they’d be in the entertainment industry or in the business industry or even the ‘timeless icons’ of the past is perfectly fine, as long as they are indeed recognized by Japan as a ‘beauty icon’ or a basis for adequacy in male looks. :) As a person who is almost clueless to the whole culture of Japan upon choosing their male interests and what guidelines they go by (if they really have) in pointing out if a man is good-looking or not, I would appreciate all constructive outputs that would teach me this (cultural?) part of Japan if this is the only part that I could study and take in for the meantime. Thank you for those who would be willing to help me in this project/research of mine. I greatly appreciate it. :D

Hi Cheruby!

I did a quick search in Japanese for the “handsomest actors” in Japan. I found a list from 2014 so I’m not sure how up-to-date (or relevant to your research) it is but I hope it’s helpful in some way!

1 1位 福士蒼汰 Fukushi Sota
2 2位 生田斗真 Ikuta Toma
3 3位 岡田准一 Okada Junichi (from boyband V6)
4 4位 福山雅治 Fukuyama Masahaur (I’d say he’s a very big deal in Japan and most find him incredibly handsome)
5 5位 佐藤健 Sato Takeru
6 6位 向井理 Mukai Osamu
7 7位 木村拓哉 Kimura Takuya (from SMAP)
8 8位 松本潤 Matsumoto Jun (from Arashi)
9 9位 溝端淳平 Mizobata Junpei
10 10位 岡田将生 Okada Masaki
11 11位 伊勢谷友介 Iseya Yuusuke
12 12位 平岡祐太 Hiraoka Yuta
13 13位 速水もこみち Hayami Mokomichi
14 14位 水嶋ヒロ Mizushima Hiro
15 15位 山下智久 Yamashita Tomohisa
16 16位 三浦翔平 Miura Shohei
17 17位 オダギリジョー Odagiri Joe
18 18位 小栗旬 Oguri Shun
19 19位 伊藤英明 Ito Hideaki
20 20位 綾野剛 Ayano Go

Maybe search some of these guys! Again, hope it’s useful!

Thank you very much, Tigerlily! This is a good reference for my research paper. :D

You’re welcome! I’m glad I could be of help. :) If there’s anything else you’d like searched in Japanese let me know. haha

How about that figure skater, Hanyu is his name I believe? He is quite hot :)

@fangirl18: You mean Yuzuru Hanyu? They actually just released an article about him and his career as a figure skater. http://jpninfo.com/61375

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