What are some of the best and must-experience spring events happening in Tokyo this 2017? Would really appreciate anyone’s help with this.

Hello, Georgina-san. Aqua Park in Shinagawa, Tokyo is doing sakura aquarium event this spring. You can check the details here in this japan info article I found http://jpninfo.com/71605

it is a limited event so if you would like to go, i suggest going as soon as possibe

check this http://jpninfo.com/72761 and this http://jpninfo.com/72424

although the first one is in yokohama

but close enough to tokyo, no?

Wow! Very interesting events, iopei. Thanks very much for linking me! Hoping to drop by in the next few weeks.

(Also, where is the spring weather?)

it’s about to get warmer, just hold tight

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