Anyone have any TV recommendations. I know Japanese TV has a reputation for being weird, but I’m cool with that. Any favorites?

Except for the awful airport interview show, the guy who wrote this suggested some good shows!

Ohhhhhhhhh right. I’ve seen that once or twice and it is pretty irritating. Every time I’ve come to the airport for a visit I’ve seen those guys. Maybe now I’m here to stay I won’t have to worry. haha

The Hayashi-sensei show sounds familiar though!

ItteQ is a favorite of mine and my girlfriend’s!

Hahaha ItteQ definitely has its moments. Sometimes it’s a little too weird for me.

this is not a tv show per se but i recommend you watch netflix japan original shows such as Underwear and Terrace House. they’re far different from the weird ones that you usually get to see on national tv.

If you like comedy ItteQ is good or Gaki No Tsukai Downtown. They did the original Silent Library :)

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