Kind of an odd question but does anyone have any favorite conbini food? I haven’t been able to cook yet due to having just moved here so before I get my supplies, what is safe to eat?

Hi Louisa, do you have any allergies or preferences? I find the onigiri (rice balls) and the soba noodle bento varieties are cheap but delicious. Much better than the so-called convenience stores back home. If you’re looking for healthier, natural-type options, Natural Lawsons has to be my favorite konbini here – they have these delicious, macrobiotic chocolate brownies that serve as great snacks – very filling too! Let us know how you go and what you find :-)

No allergies, really. I guess I’m just trying to stay away from anything too terribly unhealthy. There’s a lot of stuff that looks good but is probably way too many calories! haha
Natural Lawson sounds good but I don’t know where to find one. So far I’ve only been the Family Mart nearby…

In my opinion you can never go wrong with tuna-mayo onigiri! It’s usually inexpensive and filling. I would just try to avoid any of the big bentos with lots of fried food if you’re worried about being healthy.

Yeah! That’s some sound advice. haha
There doesn’t seem to be much in the healthy food department I guess! Just the really overpriced salads..

Yeah and the salads sometimes don’t come with dressing either. haha
Though you can get other veggies but it’s probably cheaper to buy those at a grocery store! I guess you could buy a lot at the grocery store if there’s an inexpensive one nearby. But I don’t find the onigiri as delicous.

I second on the tuna-mayo onigiri, the taste is more accessible than some of the others to many Western people. The katakana to look for are ツナマヨ.
I also like those rolls they do, seaweed with rice and a filling like negitoro. If you don’t like seaweed or fish, then the pre-cut fruit or steamed edamame are a good not too unhealthy option.

I love their sushi rolls! Try their melon pans, too!

Hey Louisa!

I see you haven’t written on here for a while but I have to share my love for conbini food! Of course onigiri are one of the world’s best snacks, along with the niku man and pizza man that you can get at the counter. My favourite sweet snack has to be the mochi icecream (Yukimi daifuku) – they have a special chocolate and brandy flavour at the moment which is increeedible!

Then there’s the alcohol which is perfect for drinks in the park in summer :) Japan has the most convenient convenience stores I’ve ever experienced (^^)

Their readymade meals are surprisingly good. Curry especially.
Also love some of the ol’ onigiri.

Corn dogs are my fave convenience store food. They call it “American dog (amerikan doggu)” in Japan, weirdly. And 7-Eleven’s katsudon!

I think they called it an American dog because ‘corn dog’ would conjure the image of corn and wouldn’t sound very delicious.

It’s not as if American dog sounds any better lmao?

Yeah that’s true haha

Maybe it sounds more exotic that way? Like ‘Italian pasta’ or ‘Turkish kebab’

Ah, I see I see. Point taken @ Ellie.

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