We just launched “Gaijin Rental”.

A platform where Japanese users can rent foreigners to:
– Chat in a cafe about their next trip aboard, or just to improve their English level.
– Help them to cook at foreign receipt.
– Party together.
– Do some shopping together (for instance help to choose a gift for a friend,..), get some help to move out, walk the dog, …
It can actually be any kind of request! (all sexual & illegal requests are prohibited)

People are already renting the services of maid, plumber, gardener, language teacher,…why not renting a foreigner!
A good way for Japanese to get some help in different domains, while you can make from 2000 yens/hour.

How it works?
1) You setup your profile (few information about you, your availability, requests you prefer/refuse, etc…)
2) Japanese users book you thru the site (500yens registration fee to insure legitimate booking). You get a request email with the rental details (date, hour, purpose of the rental,…), and you just need to confirm if OK (or refuse, in case your schedule don’t match, for instance).
3) You get pay in cash on the rental day, directly from the customer (2000yens + transportation fee, if any).
All others extra fee, for instance drink if the purpose of the rental is “talk in a cafe”, are paid by the customer as well.
It is that simple.

Please have a look at our website

and use the contact form
or simply drop use an email at
if you want your profile on our website (registration is free!).

Perfect if you are looking for a part-time job, some extra money (side business) on the weekend, or just a new experience to have fun, meet people and help around you!

Gaijinrental Team

Cool! Will check out your website!

2000 yen for a gaijin per hour??? Isn’t that too steep? lol


no female gaijins for rent?



Has anyone here ever tried to rent a gaijin?

Riiiiiight. Very creepy.

How do you apply to be a gaijin for rent? Lol. I want to be rented. =))

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