Say, if I go to a bar or a club alone, would I be fine? Or is it rare in Japan to go do that without any company?

P.S. I’m a gaijin.

I was actually wondering the same thing when I first visited Japan!

I have no first-hand experience myself but I think it’s pretty safe to go clubbing alone in Japan (as long as you know how to take care of yourself of course). But wouldn’t that be sad?

“P.S. I’m a gaijin” no shit…

In answer to your question, it’s fine to go alone as long as you use your common sense and stay safe. If you’re planning to hook up, go to a love hotel rather than the guy’s house. Keep your items safe, etc. (there are usually lockers in clubs) and make sure you know how to get back home/to your hotel.

I don’t think anyone actually notices/cares if you go alone. It’s difficult to hear your friends anyway once you’re inside.

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