Hi Japan Info,

I have just recently moved to Japan (Nagoya to be exact) and need help with making a Japanese bank account. My Japanese conversation skills are not so great, but I can read/write Hiragana, Katakana, and roughly around 300 Kanjis. But again, my main problem is speaking the language. Would you have any tips for someone like me who’s looking into opening a bank account? Are there banks that offer special assistance to foreigners or that have an easier process altogether? Looking forward to hearing your insight.

Many thanks!

Hi Julia,

We recommend you use Shinsei Bank. They have services in English and their website is available in English. Here is their website. http://www.shinseibank.com/english/atm/tempo/015/sakae.html

Best of luck, and we hope you enjoy your new life in Nagoya!

Great, thanks, Poppy! I will check it out. Thanks so much, you’re so kind. :)

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