In Need of Date Ideas? Here Are 5 Romantic Date Spots in Tokyo

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  • It is easy to fall in love when you are in Tokyo. Most people fall for the beautiful city, while others find a special someone to fall in love with. Interestingly, many couples from all over Japan and the world visit this lovely city throughout the year, so here are five romantic spots in Tokyo perfect for a date!

    1. Roppongi Hills Mori Tower

    There are many places to admire the view of the massive city that is Tokyo and all would serve well for a romantic outing, however, my recommendation is the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. Roppongi has its own unique atmosphere so walking up to the location is already a nice experience.

    Within the tower, there are different activity options available. You can take your date on a museum tour at the Mori Art Museum and finish off with a view of the magnificent Tokyo skyline. You can also head to the Tokyo City View Observation Deck or Rooftop Sky Deck before sunset to enjoy both the daytime and nighttime view. If you are on for a long date and have the budget for it, you can consider combining the two.

    Mori Art Museum Website

    Roppongi Hills Tokyo City View Website

    2. Yoyogi Park

    A romantic stroll or picnic in a park is always a winner. You can enjoy nature and truly focus on having a conversation. Japan’s utmost care and adoration for nature really show and create a wonderful atmosphere in their parks, especially Yoyogi Park.

    Similar to Yoyogi, Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is a wonderful destination as well, however, there is a small entrance fee (200 yen) to get inside. At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with taking your date to a park in Japan.

    Yoyogi Park Website

    3. Ueno Zoo

    A date to the zoo can be a very romantic and fun experience. Unlike most zoos in Japan, Ueno Zoo is spacious both for humans and animals. There are many species of animals kept here, and the cages are built in a way that you can see most of them well. The entry fee is also affordable at 600 yen, and from December 19, 2017, Xiang Xiang the baby panda will also be available to see.

    Ueno Zoo Website

    4. Kichijoji and Inokashira Park

    The university neighborhood of Kichijoji offers everything you could need for shopping, dining, and entertainment. It is an ideal spot to spend lunch or dinnertime.

    After that, you can always test your love at Inokashira Park. It became somewhat a legend that couples who ride swan boats on Inkoashira Pond will break up. However, this only fuels some couples to try and test if their love is strong enough to bust this myth. Would you try it with your significant other?

    Kichijoji Website

    Inokashira Park Website

    5. Odaiba

    Probably the most obvious spot for a date is the artificial island of Odaiba. With endless entertainment and shopping opportunities, couples can easily spend an entire day here. A very romantic touch to a full day of eating and having fun could be a walk on the waterfront. You can also catch the sunset as you admire the view that features Tokyo’s skyscrapers and the Rainbow Bridge.

    Odaiba Website

    Tokyo is a city of endless opportunities in every sense, and even if the Japanese are rather solitary, dating is no exception. For sure, everyone can find a multitude of options to choose from that fits their age, interests, and budget. But to get ideas flowing, hopefully, the abovementioned five spots serve as romantic inspiration.

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