Have a Lovely Dining Experience at This Restaurant With an Aquarium in Shibuya

  • LUXIS Aqua Restaurant & Bar is one of the luxurious dining places you can find in Ebisu, Shibuya. It has a gorgeous aqua theme and allows diners to enjoy their meals while watching various kinds of sea creatures swimming inside a huge tank. LUXIS doesn’t only offer great dishes, it also serves as a healing space where guests can relax. If you’d like to go on a unique romantic date night or treat your friends out, then this is the perfect place to go!

    The Restaurant

    LUXIS Aqua Restaurant & Bar looks romantic with its dimly lit atmosphere. The restaurant lives up to its name, which is actually a combination of “luxury” and “oasis,” as it is elegantly decorated.

    The main attraction at this restaurant is the enormous fish tank in the dining area. Depending on where you are seated, it can be very amusing to see sea creatures, especially swimming sea turtles, while you’re eating. It’s quite rare to find such kind of restaurants these days and their aquarium is really huge compared to other dining bars with aquariums in the area. Their restrooms have fish tanks, too!

    The place looks inviting and staff members are very accommodating. LUXIS is probably the best place to go for a couple date or a friendly date with your friends, especially if you adore watching fish and other sea creatures.

    Food and Drink Options

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    LUXIS serves many kinds of dishes such as salad, pizza, pasta, risotto, and other specialty dishes. Recommended house specialty dishes are their deep-fried pork cutlet and simmered Saga beef with stewed hamburger. You can also order charcoal-grilled dishes and desserts.

    If you’re planning a party or celebrating a special occasion such as an anniversary, they have various course menus that you can choose from. These include appetizers, main dish, pasta, vegetable dish, and dessert. The course menu prices range from 4,800 to 10,000 yen.

    You can also enjoy several kinds of alcoholic drinks that go well with their dishes, from cocktails and beers to champagne, wine, and whiskey. Recommended whiskeys are Yoichi (10 years old) and Yamazaki (12 years old). They also have non-alcoholic cocktails and smoothies for those who don’t or would rather not drink.

    Events and Access

    LUXIS also has a reception area for wedding celebrations and similar events. The maximum capacity is 300 people and the charge is 5,000 yen per head. This price is inclusive of the venue, buffet-style dishes, and use of equipment.

    For more details and updated information, you can contact LUXIS at 03-5428-2288. Additionally, it is recommended to book in advance if you’re heading in large groups. The restaurant is just a minute walk from the JR Ebisu Station.

    From casual to luxurious dining, birthdays to fabulous weddings, LUXIS Aqua Restaurant & Bar is happy to serve you. This place is committed to giving diners a memorable dining experience difficult to find in other places. Where else can you admire the beauty of sea creatures while enjoying a meal and chatting with friends?

    LUXIS Aqua Restaurant & Bar Website

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