Check Out This Stunning Silver Waterfall Near Fukushima!

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  • Given its nuclear disaster and not-so-popular travel destinations, choosing Fukushima Prefecture can make travelers irresolute of their itinerary. Nevertheless, the untouched natural beauty of the places around Fukushima is more than a visual treat for visitors. The mountains, lakes, and waterfalls around Fukushima are stunning, and in this article, we will introduce you to one such visually pleasing waterfall in this area.

    The name of the waterfall is Tatsuzawa Fudo and its beauty is a treasure for nature photographers because the waterfall is unbelievably photogenic. Also, the mountain it is situated on has a dense forest with a variety of numerous tall, old, and magnificent trees. The maple trees around this waterfall take the beauty of this place to a different level in the autumn season.

    This place is easily accessible. On the way to Tatsuzawa Fudo Falls from Nakanosawa hot spring (中ノ沢温泉), and located in Inawashiro town (猪苗代町) which takes about a 15-minute drive, you will find the notice board for it and there’s a car park with spaces for about 10 cars there. The waterfall is a ten-minute walk from this car park.

    If you travel by road, the mountain road leading to this waterfall from Fukushima is occupied by beautiful hamlets and paddy fields on the way. It is a delight to travel around this place and you can catch a glimpse of rural Japan. The famous Bandai-Azuma skyline is on the way to the village, and if you have time you can make it a one day trip by visiting Bandai National Park en route to Tatsuzawa Fudo waterfall.

    The Road to the Heavenly Silver Waterfall

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    After parking the car, there is a narrow way leading to the waterfall and into the forest. The notice board is in Japanese but you can easily understand the directions from the pictures on it. If you happen to be there on the weekend, you can see a number of people walking in and out of that narrow pathway with giant cameras in one hand and tripods in the other. Once you reach the waterfall, you will understand why the waterfall attracts many photographers. As you walk through the narrow pathway, you can find a small stream on your left.

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    The place is extremely calm except for the hustling sound of the running water. The place is covered with dense, tall trees which block the sunlight with its green cover, thereby leaving this place cut off from the outside world.

    As you proceed further, a Japanese traditional wooden entrance to the waterfall welcomes you. It feels like a gateway to heaven with a stream on one side and surrounded by trees touching the sky on the other side.

    Entrance to the Waterfall

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    On passing the entrance, you can have a glimpse of the smaller waterfall nearby, which is called the female waterfall. This is a silent beauty located slightly higher than the main waterfall.

    On proceeding, further on the right side is the magnificent, thundering, crystal-clear, sharp strings of water shining in silver colors. The fall is so picturesque and when you set the frame to capture, you will realize two maple trees on either side complete the frame to make your click exemplary! In Autumn, when the maple leaves are golden red, the beauty of this fall is simply beyond words!

    After being immersed in the beauty of nature, this waterfall is bound to reduce all your stress and make you feel light. There are many other spots nearby this place and so it would be better to include other places like the Bandai-Azuma Skyline and Mt.Adatara to make it a one-day trip. This spot is on the way to Koriyama from Fukushima. The itinerary may cover places around this area and end in Koriyama city after which you can board a train to Fukushima or choose to stay in Koriyama. Enjoy a trip there!

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